Hope is the Path Towards Eternal Happiness



People often say that life is short, but in reality it isn’t. Irrespective of your age or how much time you have left, your sex, whether you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, know that you have all the time you need and you need to make correct use of it. So before we understand why hope is important in our lives, we must always remember that life is long, and the way things are at present, they will not stay the same forever. Even if you have problems or you have made mistakes, done things you regret, your whole future still lies ahead of you. There is no point in worrying endlessly over every problem and obstacle. Above all, it is important to not despair or be defeated by impatience.

Nothing is hopeless. The worst mistake you can make when young is to give up on a dream, to not challenge yourself for fear of failure. Being the one to say “I failed” is any day better than being someone who is stuck on ‘What If?’ Because the one to say ‘What If?’ never dared to face the hardships and challenges of life(Speech By Greg Plitt). The past is the past and the future is the future, but the present is you. So take control, don’t let someone else steer your wheel for you, you do it yourself, you know better. Remember that happiness in life does not depend on how well things have gone in your youth. No matter how many mistakes you make, you always have another chance, to learn from them, to correct them and confront whats coming with sheer resolve and zero fear of failure.

Be ambitious and keep striving towards the future. If you’re not happy with your achievements in high school, then give it all at college. If that’s not your satisfaction, there’s still hope after graduation as you challenge yourself as an active member of the society. You haven’t failed until you have given up on understanding yourself and realizing the importance of life and what truly matters to you. Success is then yours. Often success in life might not even reveal itself until we reach our forties or fifties, or even later. If you experience setback along the way, continue with a fighting spirit into your forties, fifties, sixties and seventies.

Life is always a work in progress, a process of continual development of yourself, be it in body, mind or soul. To be growing and improving are wonderful things. Just continue to press on tenaciously to find your way forward despite the suffering and pain that are part of youth and growing up. Indeed, that’s the only way to grow. It is important not to lose hope. Losing hope is, in a way like living in a winter of the spirit. No matter how long and bitter the winter may be, spring always follows. This is the law of the universe, the law of life. The same applies to us. If we seem to be weathering an endless winter, we mustn’t abandon hope. As long as we have hope, spring is near. It will come without fail.

Spring is a time of blossoming. All things have a unique beauty and a wondrous way of unfolding. Every person has a singular mission, his or her individuality and way of living. It’s important to recognize that truth and respect it. That is the natural order of things. That is how it works in the world of flowers, and in the world of humans. Different kinds of flowers bloom harmoniously in beautiful profusion.

So don’t be too hard on yourself. Our life is an ongoing project which comes to an end only when we die. Even if it sounds a bit despairing, death, like anything else is just a part of life. Everything that grows, recedes, just as every progress is followed by decline and every birth is ultimately met by death. So keep moving forward with a steady eye on what is ahead telling yourself, “I’ll start from today! I’ll start fresh from this moment.”

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