Touching Lives of People With Compassion



A person’s nobility is manifested in compassion for others. Kindness and consideration for others have shown resonance in many ideologies proposed by many religions. When viewed from a larger perspective, we exist here thanks to the warmth, kindness and support not only of the people around us but of everything on this Earth and in the entire universe.

All living things – flowers, birds, the sun, the soil support one another in a beautiful symphony of life. Since the birth of our planet more than four billion years ago, life form after life form has been conceived and nourished. Human life is the part of that chain. If at any point a link were missing from this chain, none of us would be alive today. We are all proof that the chain hasn’t been broken.

Life produces new life and surely this is consideration in its most basic form. Delving deeper into this idea, I think we can say that earth itself is a giant living organism filled with consideration. The activity of the entire universe is essentially a function of compassion.

Truly commendable people have the spirit to improve and grow, and continually striving to develop ourselves above all else is true consideration for others. What’s crucial is the sincere wish to see others become happy. It is something we should make some effort toward each day.

If we classify goodness into acts of small, medium and great, the same applies to consideration as well. None of us can be fully happy if others around us are struggling. Therefore each one of us should take control of our own lives and refresh our determination to live victorious each day, knowing that it’s not enough just to work on becoming happy ourselves alone.

Often, attempts to do great good or even showing true compassion are misunderstood. No doubt, you too may meet some resentment when you try to help someone through your great consideration. But, though your efforts may not be valued now, as long as you act with the utmost sincerity, people will come to trust and rely on you. They will in time be truly grateful for the love and kindness and ultimate act of consideration and compassion you have shown them.

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