Contribution of Friendship Towards World Peace



Friendship is one of the main foundations of what it means to be human. It’s an important driving force for world peace and the betterment of society. It is the first step toward realizing a society where people can live together in harmony. By expanding our circle of friendship, we can create the foundation for a peaceful society.

In an ideal world, all people would be friends. But we know that this is unfortunately not the case in the world today. That’s why it is so important that we actively forge friendships with as many people as we can. We must face the challenges of reality and make what changes we can, small as they may be. The accumulation of such efforts will gradually lead to lasting world peace.

Choosing good and reliable friends is also very important. A genuine friend would be there when you need them the most even without having to ask them and without expecting the same from you. Once an understanding with a friend is established it becomes a strong bond which will go the distance.

The universal spirit of friendship is the spirit that treats every person and every living thing as equally precious and worthy of respect and seeks to bring happiness to all. If we value each encounter and treasure each person, only then we will be able to have many friends of outstanding character and abilities. Even the most ambitious undertakings actually come down to one-on-one relationships accumulating over the years.

Nothing is nobler or stronger than heart-to-heart bonds among people who share their hopes and dreams and are committed to working for society. Such people have deep rooted conviction and a solid philosophy. They strive to lead a worthwhile existence and contribute something of value to their respective societies. Unity and cooperation among people of such altruistic aspiration are the highest ideals of friendship. If such lofty friendship ceases to exist, the world will be plunged into eternal darkness.

Our individual circle of friendship is part of the global circle of friendship; it is one and the same. A drop of rain from the sky, a drop of water from the river, or a drop of water from the ocean are all just that – a drop of water – until they accumulate. The friends we make in our own small circle contribute to the diffusion of that valuable friendship throughout the world. Making one true friend is a step towards creating world peace.

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