Humanity’s Real Disease : The Thinning Bonds of Understanding



The real threat is not what can be seen with your eyes. It is not any external occurrence that has ever been the reason for disturbance in the natural flow of events. We, as individuals, have always been a threat to ourselves and a cause for concern which resulted in a lot of problems that over time took form and made all of them seem like an external manifestation.

To care for others we need to learn well, beforehand to care for ourselves. It requires understanding, sense of gratefulness, a thorough self-examination and then some pouring down in the deepest recesses of our heart. A simple recipe and a cure for the thinning bonds which seemingly connect us.

Over time, we have come to use words like, empathy, care, love, with barely any thought. Identifying with and understanding others feelings is not as simple as that. It requires a sincere heartfelt emotion, conveyed clearly to the person that matters, by letting them know the underlying feelings and emotions. In this way we allow the person to see and know us more clearly and express how much their situation affects us.

This is the biggest challenge we face today, an almost impossible task, an insurmountable endeavor, pursued by the few rare beings among us. The majority of us, like you and me, have numbed down, chosen the shallow path, the easier and frequently traveled road, finding comfort in the aid of weakened beings like us. We have decided to remain without sensing the true feelings, preserving ourselves, staying untouched. This way we have gotten comfortable with pushing people away and masking vulnerabilities instead of accepting and embracing them.

This isn’t in relation to any captivating story between some archetypal romeo and juliet. This is about us, our daily behavior and thought regarding the people we see, meet and at times, know.

Being good with others requires the most essential quality of being true to oneself. Once you know yourself, you will know what you want, what is important, who matters and more importantly how we should choose to live. In reality, everything and everyone matters equally to all of us.

Absence of understanding and acceptance of oneself, further manifests into this sense of discord, which further translates into the material world and becomes a heavy burden to bear. This may affect any two people. You take care and nourish the root and the plant will blossom. If you don’t, this further spreads, from two, to a million, then billion, and finally, whole world. One persons unheard thought translates into the worlds sense of emptiness. The consequences are far remote and many, but the source is never again looked at, the thing that needs the most attention is ignored, and thus an incessant flow of pain and disruption follows.

“The plant with an improperly nourished root wanes away, thins down and fades away without even experiencing the natural wonder of maturing, blooming and blossoming and sharing its infectious joy that radiates from the inside, with others.”

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