Incurable Diseases of Society



The world we live in today has seen many dreaded disease which have claimed millions of lives throughout time. Science has coped with them and has also successfully even eradicated diseases like small pox. But can science and medicine cure all diseases? It is believed that “illness of the mind” is beyond the healing powers of skilled physicians. Here “illness of the mind” does not simply mean mental illness. Rather, it refers to diseases that occur when the harmony of mind and body is disturbed by earthly desires that originate from greed, anger and stupidity which in turn pollute one’s life. Thus the cause of such illness lies deep within one’s life.

Although illness can be divided into two general categories, that of the body and that of the mind, any illness possesses both a physiological and psychological aspect. When the primary cause of an illness is physiological, it may be considered an “illness of the body.” But If the cause lies primarily in the psychological realm, it must be termed as “illness of the mind.” Modern medicine also tends to categorize illness as either physical, psychosomatic, neurological, or psychological in nature. While the cause of physical illness may be found primarily in the body, the cause of mental illness lies predominantly in the mind.

However, even illness may strongly influence the functioning of the body. Also the causes of psychosomatic illness and neurological disorders lie in both the physical and spiritual realms. Therefore, it is important to approach the treatment of any illness by first taking into consideration both its mental and physical aspects. Modern medicine has grown quite advanced in its treatment of the physical aspects of disease, but psychosomatic medicine is a relatively new field and has only just begun to grapple with the spiritual aspects of sickness. Moreover, people today are subject to increasing levels of physical and psychological stress. Stress is recognized as a major cause behind the alarming increase in psychosomatic, neurological and mental illnesses.

As one physician pointed out, fewer people are dying young, but the number of adults suffering from illness has increased. While methods for combating most viral or bacterial infection have advanced considerably, cures for diseases whose causes are internal, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart ailments, have yet to be found. Though we may encourage each other not to take it easy, such admonitions are often futile because people lack a way to control the mounting stress of living. Unresolved worry and stress leads to illness. No medicine can be administered to ease the maladies of the mind that lie at the root of this problem.

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