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From an uncontrollable natural phenomenon to a controllable artificial one, from a festival of thought to a festival of thoughtlessness. These coming days, not just the city of Mumbai, but entire India will be packed with a lot of activity. Here are some events that have come and gone and are yet to come.

An Impending Natural Disaster:

A storm as strong as the 2012’s Hurricane Sandy to hit the eastern coast of India this weekend. It is estimated to reach the coastline in the east by Sunday as it continues to travel through the Bay of Bengal. It is predicted to be a category 3 belonging in the same class as the Carol of 1954, Alma of 1966, Celia of 1970, Alicia of 1983, Roxanne of 1995, Fran of 1996, Isidore of 2002, Lane of 2006, Karl of 2010 and the aforementioned Sandy. Get more details here.

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon; we just use different names for these storms in different places.

Once this danger has passed. The country is yet to witness another hurricane dressed as a glorious festival of lights. One that signifies the triumph of light over darkness is bringing more darkness than the amount of light.

An Unavoidable Man Made Disaster – The Festival of Darkness

The government has taken some serious efforts to “curb the invasion of Chinese firecrackers“. This suggests that Indian crackers seem to be far safer and healthier to the lives of people. Here is an honest, critical and informative thread on Quora that will shed some light on the sort of light that Diwali seemingly brings to the lives of people.

Every year lives are lost, people are maimed, so millions can celebrate the destruction of environment and participate in the yet another act of Destruction…

Few Facts

  • Most children are afraid of crackers, loud noises, and close range pyrotechnics. We acclimatize them to the fire works at a very young age
  • It is just mental conditioning that bursting crackers is fun
  • Firecrackers are outlawed in most countries of the world
  • We did not burst crackers before 1940. It is a new phenomenon promoted by capitalism
  • The crackers screw up the environment in terms of – air pollution, acid rain, plastic generation, and dye from leaching to water sources

Literary Fest at we school – Welingkar, Matunga

A two-day event that will cover everything in literature, the India way. From what Indian readers read, to what India writers write- the various events scheduled throughout the weekend (11th and 12th October) will have various Indian authors and other eminent people talking about various topics like the writing and publishing scene in India to talks on careers and the B-Schools and corporate world scenario, books giveaways and much more.. stay updated here

Fire Sale @ Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon:

What is a sale? What methods do companies use to provide such great deals and values? Are all their ‘strategies’ justified? Do they teeter on the unethical boundaries? Are the original prices of products raised before adding a discount value to the price?

Are they cheating people?

Flipkart did initiate the biggest sale and Snapdeal followed right away while Amazon waited until it eventually launched its own. There was a lot of noise circulating some of the practices that were followed in making this sale a nationwide success. Ironically, even without a Flipkart-ish mega sale, the prices on amazon were way better even without a sale….

Stay tuned for more updates…


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