Mind Says, Body Does – The Mind-Body Dissonance



Our body comprises of several parts, each equally distinct but essentially interdependent and interconnected. Mind says, body listens and does accordingly. 

Mind is the governing authority. It monitors, controls and instructs. Body is the physical entity which is held by the mind on a leash. In this master-slave manner, the mind is a construct that houses limitless potential, while the body with its limited capabilities, inhibits the desires of the mind.

Body is a governed manifestation of the mind. By being physical, in a way, it is limited. It serves the purpose of translating what the mind thinks and dictates into real world phenomena. Body thus becomes a mode of expression for the mind to communicate. A channel for the master.

Two different objects serving different purposes and each with its own capacity, however forming a single entity or being. An infinite source and a finite delivery medium. Like any two interacting bodies, there is a conflict present, a source of tension that inhibits the interaction. This becomes the root of thus originated misunderstanding  between two different and severely dependent identities.

The misunderstanding between mind and body. Your mind is telling you a story, your body is unwilling to listen to it. Maybe because it isn’t prepared enough to feel what the mind feels. There exists a gap, a distancing factor that obstructs one from understanding and listening to the other. The gap between the expectation of one and the reality of the other might be too huge of gap. The boundless imagination overwhelms the limited physical form.

Mind knows what you want, but body isn’t ready to make it happen. Maybe cause it isn’t prepared for that, it isn’t ready to undertake what is commanded by the mind. The endeavour is of a level, still beyond the reach of the body. Because the body hasn’t been moulded to form that expression your mind is yearning to show. 

So, cross the boundaries break the limits, surpass your limitations to realize the envisioning of your mind, to make it happen, to be complete. Are you prepared to give what your mind needs, the divine entity that governs it all, can you satiate its hunger?

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