Living By Expectations

living by expectations


When you live by expectations you only do as expected which is at times but often way below what you are capable of and your potential can enable you to reach. Work becomes duty it doesn’t have the empowering essence of what otherwise would have been there if it was of your own volition. You then be the one who does for the sake of it and never goes beyond the call of duty. Well one can embrace anything and learn to be good at it but they can only reach so far. 

Expectations are an anomaly. They aren’t our goals or our abilities, neither are they our dreams. More than often, they are beliefs and presuppositions  imposed upon us by our own people, or by our own selves inadvertently. That is where they are limited and at times totally irrelevant to our definition of life, dreams and goals. Often they sidetrack us from our own personal quest of finding ourselves, leaving us hanging in between two edges, with the one side being the half-hearted you burdened with expectations and the other being the free ‘you’ about to develop wings to fly and explore.

Yet, at times, when the layer(one who lays expectations upon us) and the victim(the one burdened by expectations) have a perfect sense of understanding prevalent among them, which is rarely, these expectations turn out to be motivators and serve as a purpose for your actions. Expectations, as expected, a double-edged sword, which can hurt as much as it can be used as a weapon of advantage.

Polarities aside, on a much inherent level, we are geared to function on the basis of expectations. Example being, Mr. Expectar, brings his hands together smashing both palms while expecting to hear a clap. Or, Mrs Expectari, stands with her feet together, tiptoed, expecting to execute a dance spin move. Both cases, a person performs an action, which is hoped to have a likely effect. There are two parts, action and it’s consequence. One that is performed voluntarily or involuntarily, and another is a belief, which is a future event likely to happen.

Likelihood of a Favorable Future
Expectations are laid upon, self-imposed, or both. They are the anticipation of a future event based on the action performed in the present. For success, it requires you to be responsible for your actions and take well calculated steps of your own volition, and be ready to face the consequences, which will then, likely be favorable than otherwise.

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