Self Love And Human Imperfection



Self love is not accepting the self as is, it is rather confronting our weaknesses with resolve to improve, but at the same time accepting the humanness, that at times it is okay to let go, not work hard, take time to think and recover, so you can do greater than ever before. 

It takes time, care and understanding of self, to truly grow. A lesson we forget once we grow up. But we never really grow up if we haven’t taken time to understand and grow from within do we? After all, how is a plant grown? It starts in the beginning with planting a seed, watering daily, provide the essential nourishment over a period of time, all of which culminates into a beautifully blossomed plant.

We humans come from the same earth that nurtured the plant and grow from the same hands that tended that plant. So, it should be noted how important the most primordial traits are, and how essential their cultivation is, in the cycle of life.

But we forget that there is always room for improvement. As humans, we are imperfect beings. But there lies our infinite power, in our imperfection. When we stop to see where we lack, we become a victim of denial. Then, what is left is an unwilling body flowing & floating in the pace of the daily activities.

What we do today becomes our tomorrow, in this way, we better ourselves each day, how then can we say or go so far as to admit that we are perfect as we are. The marvelous feature of our endeavors is that we all possess this innate trait of imperfection, one that grants us the power to bestow pure and majestic perfection upon anything we build or create.

Perfection lies not in who we are, but in what we do. We, humans possess this innate trait of imperfection that grants us the power to bestow pure and majestic perfection upon anything we build, create, share and express.

After all, what is a man? A person, a human. Once we take the time to appreciate the steps, the same ones that we take daily, which have become a forced routine which we just rush through, we cannot see what is truly present in front of us, behind all those layers of falsity, pretense & masked appearances. If we can do this, only then can we see the true nature and beauty of what lies in front of us and what is meant for our eyes to take notice of. We can then realize the real worth of those things, the ones we give little to no value to, and start respecting them for what they are. 

Life has its ups and downs, a constant cycle, one that is relentless yet fair to all. Some may not see it that way, but when you learn to see what lies beyond the facade, the portrayal, the exterior, you will have finally learned to see & to make use of this beautiful sense of sight. Life will then open doors for you which you have been trying so long and hard to open and will welcome you with a warmth that you least expected.


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