Selfish Desires And Better Future



This is a time when it is essential for everyone every person people to give up their selfish interests and work together towards a greater cause for a safe and sustainable future. But it is not easy to get there. A world persistently conditioned over centuries to base their decisions on the returns associated with a particular outcome. How can one ask them to give up their selfish interests without giving them anything in return.

What is the promised land?
A better future one that is better than the present without the negatives. One that you needed more than what you thought you wanted in its place.

Why is it likely to not work?
It is like an employer promising an employee that in 5 years he will pay him his salary for his work which will be more than what he would have earned in a lifetime. Two causes for that failing,

A. the constant undeniable emphasis on instant gain and short term acquisitions
B. the most primordial yet difficult accomplishment, having trust and faith both in yourself and in others

The Answer…

The situation has been strained relentlessly through several generations of lifespans. External issues aren’t being solved entirely, starting from the base to the top; be it social, global, environmental, political, industrial. Quick-fix and thoughtless solutions dealing only with the superficial layers of the matter are being implemented more dominantly as time passes. We all are aware of the problems we face at this point of time, be it our personal problems or the problems we face together or which we should be facing together as a group of equals, as humans, for humanity and its future. The matter that is often let aside in turn pushing the solution gradually beyond grasp, worsening the situation, is the root cause.

Root cause, the source, or the core of all this, is us. Me, the writer, you, the reader and everyone surrounding us, with whom we share and interact daily. Our willingness and determination has blunted over the weary times thus multiplying the issues in each of our lives. For, you and me, face the same issues, even if you are in some other part of the world and I am in this. I am responsible for your problems just as you are responsible for mine. Yet why do we continue this way, why do we persist through ignorance. We are one, you are me just as I am you. All it takes, is willingness, from the bottom of our inner self. The purest of intentions and thoughts can withstand the strongest of weathers. Yet why don’t we. Why do we wait? What are we waiting for? Is it time? Do we need more time to take care of each other? If we do not have time for that, then that only makes time a phenomenon that doesn’t exist. So, in turn, as a sorrowful consequence, you do not exist and neither do I. Your existence has no effect on me just as mine has no relevance to yours. But that is not the truth now is it? The truth of the matter is that you are alive, and so am I. But then why is the bond that connects us missing? Why is there distance? Distance between any two equal beings? If time exists then so does distance, but the presence of time allows us to take the steps for eliminating the distance, the gap between us, and thus making every second count. For it isn’t my future, nor it is your future. What we are to see, is Our future. A future where you and I co-exist, as equals, as humans. That’s all it takes for living a good life and leaving behind the sort of life others deserve to have.

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