The Magical Sound of Ice

magical sound of ice

Winter is near the corner and soon the mountains around the world will be covered with snow, the glaciers will be frozen ice cold and deep beneath the waters in a distant lake a unique sound will again resonate. Since I came to know about it, it has become one of my favourite sounds.

Believe it or not, ice can create the most magical and out worldly sounds. It brings a sense of curiosity and also will surely uplift one’s spirit. I wish I could spend all my winter nights by a frozen lake, listening and recording the sounds of singing ice.

The best time to catch this amazing piece of sound is at the beginning of winter, just went the lakes start getting frozen to ice. A strong tension is created in the ice when the surface of the ice gets thicker. This creates cracks in the ice resulting in strong vibrations as the cracks move fast over the ice. The sounds thus created are quite distinct and can be heard many miles away.

Due to the alarming rate of global warming, the ice calving at glaciers has become more frequent resulting in disruption of our ecosystem. This has also affected the occurrence of this phenomenon for sure as the snow covering the surface has become thinner.

glacier calving
Glacier Calving

The sounds created by the ice is not always the same but it differs every winter. This depends upon factors like how cold the winter is and hence how fast the ice formation takes place. It also depends on how much the snow is covering the surface. The sounds are directly proportional to the weather. The colder the winter, the louder are the sounds which the ice makes.

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The vibration felt from these sounds is so powerful that it would make you feel like it is knocking you down. Also when hearing these sounds, it does feel a bit spooky especially if you are out alone in the dark taking a stroll. Imagine it like the sound of an ancient spirit has suddenly awakened under the ice and it is roaring in the dark night.

This special phenomenon is one of the few things which one must definitely experience in a lifetime. The music is not just magical, it is a masterpiece. So, till you experience this special moment for real, here is a soundbite which you should not miss.

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