The Shiva Trilogy Part Two – Worldview Analysis



What/Which is the good side?
Anything that is apt, desirable, positive in nature, or more appropriately, morally right and virtuous. In practice, any human action or behavior that is in accordance with morality and thus is righteous.

But, Good for Whom?
That is  Ethical Dilemma. What is good for one, may not be good for another, but that doesn’t make it bad either.  That, obviously doesn’t serve as grounds for declaring something as evil. This is the gray area, which requires one side to compromise on their beliefs, to unite with the other. At times, a greater and much needed good can come out of it.

[part one analysis]

Can good come out of evil actions? 
Is it okay to allow a questionable deed to be carried out for the sake of good? More often, the outcome or the final result, is emphasized on, with no regard for the method employed in the process of acquiring it. Doesn’t it then render the whole set of ideals based on that good, useless? Or is the final outcome so important that one throws everything the good stands for aside just to reach there, as long as it turns out to be as desired. Then the means to get it do not matter irrespective of how immoral and corrupt they may be.

What propagates the expanse of time and intricacies of civilizations?
Good or Evil? Victor or Losers? Is history written by Victors? Does a loser or the defeated holds no consequence in the events of history? Does the Victor determine the way things are remembered? A Victor doesn’t necessarily mean the triumph of Good over Evil, even the evil side may have turned out to be the Victors and rewritten history and past events in their favor, to be remembered in a specific way.

Does time favor Good over Evil, or just Victors, irrespective of the nature?
Victors are said to survive the span of time and determine the way things turn out and how the past events are remembered. But that does not make the defeated the bad side. Neither does that indicate that the Victors were the moral side who fought for the greater good.

A Victor that fights for the Greater Good
“A man becomes God when his vision moves beyond the bounds of victors and losers. Their message is the one which lives on forever. This happens only if both the victors and the losers find validation in him. That he must win is a given. But equally critical is his winning the right way.”

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