Why Do We Wish To Escape From The World We Live In?



Why do we escape? Why do we seek comfort in our mind’s imagination? Why do we choose avoidance over confrontation? Why do we build illusions to protect ourselves? Why do we prefer denial over acceptance? Why do we start building exemplary archetypes of the real world we live in? Why do we often dive into these worlds that lie outside of our real world? Why do we start seeking comfort and building emotions in these paradigms we build? Why do we find a more suitable place in a fictitious reality? Why do we seek slothful convenience over a life of perseverance and dedication? 

If we truly are following the right path that we think will lead us to the place we really want to be, then why does all seem to be pushed away as we near it? why do things move further and further shifting into the ever distant horizon as we get closer? why does our destination continue to lie beyond our reach.

What does this tell us? What does this convey about our intentions? What does this signify of our efforts? What does this explain of our goals? Doesn’t it indicate that somewhere down there, we all have given up and have started to forget that we have abandoned ourselves and unwillingly chosen to believe that we are still those dreamers, truth seekers, path chasers, we thought we were.

We predominantly chase our desires, persistently pursue our gratification, excessively rely on quick fix remedies, repetitively focus on expediency, ignorantly yet firmly follow identical patterns, resort to desperation, abandon patience. Why do we knowingly live this way?

This is what happens when the real world we live and breathe in fails. A creation of each of our own thinking minds, yet so unbefitting our own. When a man destined for living his dreams starts spending hours in an office behind his desk, when a woman with limitless potential to chase her passion falls prey to the chains of expectations, when a individual born to lead the world abandons his destiny to earn a living, when a artist discards his work for his family’s occupation, when a boy with hopes of victory and achievement unwillingly gives up his goals to spend days behind books learning the crafted system that governs society, that is when the world fails. And this is why we do what we do.

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