Challenging Ourselves With the ‘Engine’ of Faith



It is only human to cherish hopes and dreams for the future. As one philosopher stated, “If only you have a goal in life, you can challenge and overcome any kind of difficulty.” If we were to interview survivors of any natural disaster or man-caused tragedy, we would find that what most have in common is not excellent physical strength or health but a strong sense of hope and belief in the future. On the other hand, those who easily fall into a sense of hopelessness and despair diminish their chances for survival.

From hope comes the power to live on. Without it, one loses the ability to survive. People have even died for no other apparent reason than having lost hope. Such people succumbed to the “illness of despair,” a disease that sap’s one’s power and desire to live. Some people having worked for a company for many years and finally reached retirement age, suddenly begin to show signs of senility once they leave their jobs. Even those who receive a generous pension may suddenly lose their health once they quit working.

Old age, therefore, comes not as a result of passing years, but begins when one abandons hope or loses a sense of purpose. For example, some people appear old even while still in their teens. This may happen to a young person who lacks a goal or dream spending time only in the pursuit of fun or entertainment while neglecting use of his or her body and mind. It is said, “Youth live for the future, while the aged live on memories of the past.” Young people, therefore, need to cherish a dream for the future. Many young people may feel uneasy about their own ability and look to the future with a sense of anxiety. This is where faith plays a vital role.

We should put our best effort and ingenuity into practice towards achieving our goal. When we do so, we will be making full use of our potential and will definitely achieve whatever we set out to accomplish. The correct attitude or spirit of faith is to challenge whatever problems or obstacles now face us with great hope and a dream for the future. Rather than asking, “What’s going to happen?” it is important to ask, “What can I do now?” Therefore, we should not be without a goal or dream for the future, nor we should have the casual attitude that things will naturally work out well simply we have faith in something. Instead, we should cherish great hopes and dreams for the future and challenge ourselves to achieve them with the “engine” of faith.

If you fail to see it you will fail to realize it. Dreams will then just be dreams, and hopes will be forsaken. Reality might take a turn for good but not for what it could have become if you had chosen to create it instead of giving up on it. This is the ultimate truth. A truth that will leave no gap between your dreams and reality.

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