Opinionated Talks And Hypocritical Beliefs



Are you one? Or are you all? Are you the same person at home as the one at work? Do your opinions change with discussions and beliefs change with people surrounding you? Do you believe in yourself? Do you have faith in your beliefs? Or do you change with time, waver with place, yield with companions and alter with circumstances? If you know the answer’s to these question you will know where you fall.

You will know in which part or extreme of the spectrum you lie.You will know that you are as phony as your words, as cocky as your beliefs, as trite as your behaviour. If not, hopefully, you will be a person of character, who stays true to his beliefs, acts in accordance to his values, and professes his unwavering, unflinching and unyielding feelings to the good of himself and of the ones around him.

Decide, and stick to your choice, have faith in what you know or knew then, make the best of it, otherwise..

You will be like the one who talks about good and criticizes the wrongs, the one who tries to act correct, works to fit amongst others and continually professes the righteous path, but never walks it. You will spend so much time, talking, pretending, imitating, deceiving, lying and confessing the ‘good’, or, the right way, that you will never follow it, never be part of it, never bring it to life, or give it form. You will become the epitome of hypocrisy. A beacon for majority, but in reality, just a sheep for the lamb.

It is not about which domain you lie in or which category you fall under. It is about whether you choose to bridge the gap between the opposing domains, forming unity throughout and be the agent of change or stand watching and be the agent of regression.

You can only be one person, profess one type of nature and hold one belief. Be a mirror that reflects character or a shattered glass that has nothing to show, lacking identity, unrecognizable beyond measure. Your existence would be a sheer example of imitation and your character a glimpse of vanity.

What do you choose to be? Be a part of the society that talks about good? Or be the one to take a stand and bring about a change to transform the meaningless talks of good into acts of greatness.

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