Placing the Happiness of Others First



“…Despite of all the progress, developments in various fields, we somewhere lost the wisdom to develop ourselves and nourish our togetherness to be independent of the circumstances and reach out to others, not to just a few millions, but to every individual, every human, every soul, not out of selfish admiration for yourself or just because you want something to make you feel better, but out of selfless love and compassion. “

Each and every one of us possesses a life condition of compassion and altruism. It is a condition of life where one freely exerts himself for the sake of another. They place little importance on themselves and great importance on others, even being willing to bring evil upon themselves in order to impart goodness to others.

Unfortunately, we see many examples of human behaviour that are quite the opposite. There are many greedy people who seek nothing but personal profit and gain. This may be one reason why the world is filled with endless conflict and misery. Human cells, such as white blood cells or brain cells, sense no pain of their own. They respond only to the distress of other cells, either by rushing to their aid or by conducting signals and issuing commands to protect the organism. Some people seem to function like these brain cells or white corpuscles. They feel the pain of others before their own and find purpose in trying to ease that pain and heal the weakness of others.

Today, however, many can only sense their own pain, or worse yet, have become like cancer cells that destroy the entire organism and themselves as well. This is cause for great concern. In today’s society, it seems that there are fewer and fewer who compassionately seek to remove people’s suffering and bring them joy and happiness. More often than not, people seek only their own contentment, and having achieved it, are virtually unaware that anything else is wrong in the world. But isn’t it just such an attitude or more appropriately, a narrow view that is at the root of many of the problems of our modern world?

Everyone fundamentally possesses the spirit to exert or even sacrifice himself for the sake of others. One author wrote, “The greatest among 10,000 is he whose heart beats for 10,000 others.” And a famous philosopher queried: “What is our purpose and our obligation as human beings? It is the perfection of ourselves and the happiness of others.” Thus striving to benefit others is the most truly human way to live.

Inherently, survival instinct is running deep in us, as we are still the same animals we evolved from. But now, with powerful abilities like thinking power bestowed upon us, we can choose to be better. It just takes one choice of doing right, change then sprouts like an plant blossoming in the spring, influencing others and serving as an inspiration for the ones with and without the will to change.

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