A Flourishing Yet Flawed And Broken Society



Society n. A group of humans sharing relationships, common institutions, culture and interests. Such an entity thrives by being interconnected and flourishes through self-perpetuation.

All these defining elements only come together to form a true society when they are not bound by the chains of dysfunction and insecurity. Those two are consequences and the inherently prevailing flaws of the currently deteriorating society. Survival instinct is an innate quality of any animal as well as man, being an animal too. But we have a developed brain, we are able enough to think for ourselves, dream, create, and hope. All this is vain if we just act like underdeveloped and immature kids who missed a few life lessons while growing up.

Factors like age do not signify experience nor does it state whether one possesses wisdom. Presently, an individual of a society is the one who is unable to decide on his own, act according to what he deems right and stand firm to the wall of greed and selfishness laid by the people in front of him. He is the one who, barks when asked to, follows blindly when demanded and accepts what is offered without questioning. a paralyzed dog who has even lost his most important quality of being humble and loyal.

A group of people through their suffering form a harsh view of the world and then that view promulgates throughout the society in the form of universal law or belief, which everyone begins to abide by. Others blindly accept the broken principles and chase the path which they find the safest and well tested. This is a path not just of complacency and comforts but more of egocentricism, insecurity, greed and immorality. A sour living example of already faulty moral principles and values degrading even more through the hands of the same people that profess and follow them.

It is a society not of learning but of pretending, one of showing and not of seeing, one of talking and not of listening, one of feelings and emotions with the genuine ones being the negative, and the only ones to be expressed conspicuously than the powerful, essential and honest emotions such as empathy and gratitude.

Such a society driven by severe ignorance, and by beliefs and values which only find expression in words and thoughts but never in action, is not the one that can survive peacefully. It does not have a place in the future. Liberalism and virtue can be the impetus for growth and sustenance only when they are truly known and implemented for what they are, otherwise, it will only be a downward fall towards decline and regression.

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