The Limitless Potential of Human Beings



Human beings possess tremendous potential within. But unaware of this potential and convinced they are incapable, people often make no attempt to tap the power they inherently possess, allowing that potential to remain dormant. Psychologists have found that people form this tendency to limit themselves between the ages of 4 and 5.

Around this period, mothers often strive to teach their children as much as they possibly can to prepare them to begin their schooling. Without thinking, the mother may become impatient and say thoughtless things to the child like, “You’re stupid” or “You’re hopeless”! The feelings of a child experiences at such times become the seeds of that child’s belief that he or she is a “bad person.” Later in life, when grades at school or promotions at work don’t go in his favour, he subconsciously concludes that this is the result of being, “no good” or “a failure”.

Famous microbiologist Dr. Rene Dubos says, “Because all human beings possess an innate, unseen, extremely rich potential, when the opportunity presents itself, they are able to tap this power and accomplish tremendous things.”

Human life is endowed with boundless power and vast creativity. We as human beings have evolved into higher forms and are able to accomplish great things. This demonstrates the creative force that exists in the universe and manifests itself in many diverse ways. The life force of human being is one of the myriad ways in which this great creative force reveals itself. In fact, human creativity can be viewed as the highest expression of this universal force.

Even a tarnished mirror will shine like a jewel if it is polished. A mind which presently is clouded by illusions originating from the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but once it is polished it will become clear, reflecting the enlightenment of immutable truth. We have to believe in the magnificence of our own lives and polish ourselves internally in order to tap the tremendous power that resides within.

Nothing is as wondrous as human life. But this is often hard for us to believe. How often have we told ourselves, “I can’t do this” or “I’m no good at that.” We may also hear from others about our shortcomings in certain areas. However, it is we ourselves who decide to accept the appraisals of others and look down on ourselves. Ultimately we must be the ones who judge ourselves. Ignorance of our own great potential and lack of confidence in ourselves stems from the fundamental darkness that exists deep within us. This darkness or illusion leads us to waste our potential. So it is important for each one of us to have the conviction and self-belief that we all have the potential to excel in something or the other. Once we start believing that we ourselves will get the clearer picture of what we want to pursue in life.

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