Three factors seem to be necessary for self-worth; valuing yourself unwaveringly, choosing to share your space and energy in your everyday interpersonal relationships with people who genuinely value you, and making choices that propel your personal growth combined with behavior that is in alignment with believing yourself to be of value. If any one of these factors is not present it doesn’t seem possible to maintain a healthy self-value.

And often they are absent because maintaining them demands us to detach from certain ties, let go of particular attachments, and move past those blocks which we habitually build around ourselves.

If you consider yourself valuable but you allow people into your life who continually put you down or manipulate you, eventually you will begin to believe them.

As we grow from kids into adults, we never really take the time to identify ourselves and before even we begin our journey of self-discovery we are surrounded by various sorts of influences- in the form of people or things. This suppresses our inner self even further as we are led astray onto someone else’s path and our growth is stunted by the limiting beliefs defined by other people leading the same path.

If others value you but you yourself continually criticize, underestimate, or judge yourself then no amount of others supporting you will ever make you feel worthwhile.

The realization that we are the creators of our own thoughts and beliefs is a very important one.

Even if there are a countless number of influences we can still find ourselves and lead our lives as per our own beliefs. Our sense of completion is independent of external factors, be they certain predefined conditions or any specific people who we are tied to.

And if you fail to push your boundaries into testing your indomitable will and growing stronger, then whatever rewards you receive in life will feel undeserved. Our bodies crave persistent toiling just like our minds are sharpened by diligence and discipline.

Though often we slide into this slow sluggish period of life it is not what we truly desire. We desire enthusiasm and engagement, one that can be reached as you begin pushing your boundaries and testing your limits.

When we are in a place of low self-value and we make a mistake or are rejected, we perceive it as a humiliation, whereas if we are in a place of high self-value we perceive it as a humbling experience that teaches us something but leaves our unshakable core intact. So it would seem a good starting place to decide your own worth.

Think about YOU and what you want and need, act from concern for yourself, staying in your integrity and staying true to yourself, and everything that happens from there will be correct.

Use this belief in your worth in your favor by becoming stronger and applying it to all future decisions which will bring balance to your life and bring you the love you deserve. Start by loving yourself before anyone else and putting yourself first.


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