Discovering One’s Mission in Life



Those who remember they have a unique mission are the strong ones. Whatever their problems, they will never be defeated. They can transform all of their problems into catalysts for growth towards a hope-filled future.

What’s important is that you challenge yourself in something, it doesn’t matter what. Then by making consistent effort, the direction you should take will open up before you naturally. It’s important, therefore, to have the courage to ask yourself what you should be doing now, this very moment.

The key, in other words, is to climb the mountain that is right before you. As you ascend its slopes, you will develop your muscles, increasing your strength and endurance. Such training will enable you to challenge still higher mountains. It is vital that you continue making such efforts. Climb the mountain in front of you. When you reach the summit, wide new horizons will stretch out before you. Little by little, you will understand your mission.

Life is about scaling one mountain, then facing the next one, followed by the one after that. Those who persevere and finally succeed in conquering the highest mountain are victors in life. On the other, hand those who avoid such challenges and take the easy route, descending into the valleys, will end in defeat. To put it simply, we have two choices in life: we can either climb the mountain before us or descend into the valley.

Each one has a specific unique mission which only he or she can fulfill. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should sit around and do nothing, waiting for the answer to come to you or for someone to tell you what it is. In today’s society you will be surrounded by various entities telling you, advising you about your future endeavours. How much ever you read books or follow someone and try to gain as much knowledge you can and get ideas, ultimately it comes to you. You are the book. By challenging yourself, you will finally discover your mission on your own.

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