Friends, A Battle Between Good And Bad



Your buddies or homies, colleagues or acquaintances or commonly friends, are the ones with whom you may just share a few words and go separate ways or share a lifetime of friendship, in a ’till death do us part’ way. Well, that might sound more than just friendship, but anyways, it is like every other relationship, a place where you let that part of you find comfort in, like no nowhere else.

Friends, at times, can have a strong influence over you than your parents or anyone else. That is the reason why the decision of choosing the right people as friends is often emphasized, mostly in a negative manner. The most common statement engraved on the pillar of our society, “..if you make good friends who are interested in improving and developing themselves, you can move in a positive direction as well..”

Evidently, associating with self-destructive people, has led to more harmful consequences then otherwise, often dragging you down with them. But the strength of the bond between the two individuals and the approach to sustain the relationship can have a more positive effect than often seen. It will take some courage not to give in to negative influences and to move away from those who cause you to behave in a way in which you are not comfortable, but the real courage lies in understanding that, at the core, they are still your friends and then taking the steps necessary to retain this friendship and letting your positive side have a stronger influence on them than their negative.

It is true that we should be careful in choosing people as friends and as role models. It takes knowing, to understand what lies beneath. Distancing ourselves from bad company may work, as often a relationship based on selfish motives or spoiled hassles over money can only be a relationship on paper, but not in reality. Similarly, the type of associated behavior may determine the type of friendship. One may call it bad friendship, the obvious resulting decision being to speak out and discontinue association, but at the bottom of it, it is friendship, and like every other relationship it has the potential to grow positively and prosper.

Poetically, a good person who associates with evil people will likely be tainted by that evil, therefore we should be strict with ourselves about pointing out wrong and destructive behaviour. But practically, we can always sincerely point out the consequences and pain that their actions are inflicting, and urge them to move in a more positive direction. In fact, our honesty can open the way to forging deep bonds of genuine friendship with that person. In other words, it’s quite possible for a “bad” friend to become a good friend.

Bad companions are those who cause people trouble and grief. Good friends, in contrast, are those who warmly encourage others, giving them hope and inspiring them to self-improvement. Healthy friendship contributes to our growth as people and creates a positive value with ripples that not only touch our life but hundred other lives with it. We cannot say the same of associating with bad influences where the only result is stagnation and negativity – that is just hanging out together, not friendship. As a well-known saying goes, “You can judge a person by the company he (or she) keeps. To make good friends, you have to become a good friend yourself by maintaining your integrity.

Ultimately, like every other relationships, friendship is a composition of ups and downs, negativity and positivity, stagnation and growth, requiring persistent determination, trust and meaning to survive and grow healthily.

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