Gen Y’s Self-Obsession Recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary



Many have done it, and so we do it, like sheep being herded by our own devices. So what is all this madness about #selfie…

It’s a trend that youngsters are following religiously, so popular is the trend that the word selfie has made it to the Oxford Dictionaries slot, where it explains: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website origin early 21st century, great..

The hashtag #selfie first made its appearance on Instagram when one of its users, Jennifer Lee used it on 16 January 2011. Since then, #Selfie has been reportedly used on Instagram 57 million times.

From the point of view of psychologist its a way too project your best self to the world, to show how cool you are. Youngsters are attention seekers and this a perfect tool. We may call it the age of innocence as it reflects more gullible behavior where youngsters are constantly looking for instant praise/gratification and to be the center of attention.

With smartphones changing the dimension of the universe around us, they are well equipped with all the apps you need, you click it and upload it on your favorite social network, be it Facebook or Instagram.

Smart phones have given rise to new breed of cameras, with the megapixel count reaching up to 41MP, while the front camera being more than capable to take a good enough self-portrait shot or more appropriately selfie (officially), in any condition, gloomy(from funerals to suicide attempts in the background) to any locations, even funerals.

Notes on Selfies
The location, the light is a important factor when it comes to taking an Selfie. The cooler the place more will be the number of likes. People always take pictures with attractive surroundings(most often) not only does it add up to the beauty of the picture but also flashes your social side(unless the photo was clicked in your bathroom).

When it comes to girls, they have all the poses in the world to make it right, prior they carry it well enough, for guys, even a cheap RayBan knockoff could add it up.

Who is clicking?

A recent UK study conducted among 2000 people taking self snaps, 17 percent men admitted taking selfies while women were 10 percent.

Gender aside major contributors to the self space are late teenagers and the mid 30’s age group, the older generation is either camera shy or technologically challenged.

A Gen Y Phenomenon Spreading across the Society
The moment one sees camera they are ready with a pose, its like a response to stimuli- the moment your eyes see a camera your brain sends a signal “Strike A Pose’’.

For all these efforts, the best rewards that a Selfie’er expects is either the number of likes or the comments(as a consolation). Some take these rewards seriously, and pride it, as it they were life achievements. For such selfie-buffs, any unfavorable response easily harms their self-esteem. Most comments are always taken to be self-esteem boosters.

This is a disheartening consequence of a fresh and lively generation constantly striving and yearning for acceptance and approval from others. Though human beings collectively are social animals, this behavior has long crossed that boundary and entered the murky waters. Maybe because emotions are an integral part of our constitution and they aren’t being nurtured.

A testament to that would be the present scenario itself, a fast paced world driven by powerful and speedy media, which even makes it more challenging to be self-assured and composed. This mainly requires one to accept oneself as is, instead of seeking outside approval.

Such habits further give rise to selfish & egoistic behaviour, which starts to define you without you realizing it.

Being self-obsessed is also not a good thing for people in their ‘age of innocence’, when you pick up habits that will form a fixed mold which in your later years is next to impossible to break down and reconstruct, as that becomes your internal core which defines the future you.

As much the Gen X, our previous generation, is conventional and inflexible in most of the things, it is a generation that holds considerable wisdom and insight, under which one should seek shade. Cause whatever rebellious way you behave now, it gets instilled in you, and stays with you for the rest of your life.

So is #selfie in? If it is then Strike A Pose.

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