Social Hierarchy and Class Benefits Less From Self Interest and Self Convenience

Social Hierarchy And Class Benefits Less From Self Interest And Self Convenience


Self-convenience is a desire to put you own needs over others. When everyone starts putting their concern, convenience and enjoyment over others, what we get is what we see now on the roads, in our lives and in the work environment. It is a self-driven desire and inane one’-upmanship visible in the open spaces or the roads we travel, but also in our personal and professional lives.

Definition of a modern day ‘educated man’, most expressively and accurately put by an author on Urban Dictionary –

An obsession with the lives of others, combined with an extreme inferiority complex, resulting in a mental disorder that requires the sufferer (the Oneupman) to constantly feel the need to prove his or her self to anyone who will pay attention….the Oneupman is still stuck at the ‘my dad is stronger than yours’ stage of mental development.

We are bound by this tiny thread, one woven by each one of their own needs, only intersecting for some shared trivial cause, typically one that borders around purely making a living and prevailing as a ball of flesh, gnawing away at it’s own identity by imbibing on the superficial and banal, consequentially precluding deeper inquiry.

A leader is one who empowers others and does not hold fears of being surpassed by others, but cherishes in the achievement of bringing out the leaders in others.

When one at the top, starts thinking of himself as one with power, that is when the whole hierarchical system fails. It is then, when the leader starts to use others for his own selfish means, the contemporary motive being -making money or benefiting one way or the other, for his own sake.

I believe what we need is 40% (self) : 60% (other) combination, because without caring for yourself, you cannot really care for others and without others you cannot define a specific role for yourself. The identity of every person may be unique, but that identity has no definable purpose without the identity of others. For example, a writer’s purpose depends on the readers, similarly, the role of a governing authority has no weight to it without its people.


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