Why People Fail to Get Motivated?

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Everyone needs a motto in life, be it a doctor, a scientist, an actor or whatever profession for that matter, to excel in whatever field they choose. Often people stumble at various stages in life. Few take it as a learning lesson and move on, and few step back due to fear of falling again. Fear is what holds them back.

What they need is to been shown a path to achieve their goals rather than living in constant fear. Fear is temporary, you realise this only when you decide to face it. Tough times will always come in one’s life, what you gain from it is what makes you. You will always come across with two sets of people in life, one who will help you move up and the other to pull you down. Its only with experience that you come to know the right ones.

There are lots of things running in our mind, and at times its difficult to control them. Its difficult to choose what runs through our mind, such situations are confusing, and you feel lost. At such times we need support and encouragement as well as wise words, that may help to look at the situation from another point of view. Maybe it would be a conversation with a close friend, or family member, that you feel trust and respect for. Or reading of spiritual literature, or spend some quite moments by the sea, or other place in nature, trying to listen to the voice of your heart, as when you do it might tell you more then what you had expected.

You Are the Creator of Your Own Destiny


Introvertness is the biggest barrier. If you don’t speak up, no one will come to know what’s going on in your grey matter. Such kind of people are often shy, they have this constant fear of speaking up in front of people. Its a behaviour which is there in people since childhood days. Pre schools and schools should identify such children and help them stand up. Most of them are intelligent the only thing they lack is making their presence in the social surrounding. Often this behaviour leads to becoming a loner and such people end up in their own complexities. Such people prefer to stay alone and as a result of which they don’t get the encouragement and help they deserve in life, while some of them do find their way to the top.

Ego : Such person even if they fall down, they will only get up to do the same mistakes again. So much is their ego that they don’t listen to anyone , not even the ones who are there to help. Seeking help is below their dignity. Only life teaches them lessons, by the time they realise it, it’s too late and time has gone pass through.

Albert Einstien quotes ‘’ More knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego’’

Self-motivated people who stand to motivate the world:

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone was a struggling actor who only had $106 to his name when he saw Muhammad Ali fight Chuck Wepner. Wepner, who was given no chance against Ali, lasted 15 rounds and even knocked Ali down before getting knocked out. Inspired, Stallone wrote the rough draft of the Rocky script in three days. By chance, the script was picked up after Stallone was turned down at an audition for a different movie and mentioned he had written the story. Rocky won the 1976 Oscar for Best Picture, gave birth to five sequels, and introduced the world to the Italian Stallion.

Sylvester Stallone

Amancio Ortega
Does the name Zara ring a bell? Zara stores are everywhere, offering cheap, chic, and affordable clothes. Rumored to be worth over 20 billion dollars, this fashion entrepreneur literally started out with rags.Mr. Ortega started out working retail in a t-shirt store. At the age of 26, he made his own company, which manufactured bathrobes. At 39, he and his wife opened their first store—the one that would eventually grow into the wildly popular Zara. Rumored to be impossible to photograph, Mr. Ortega prefers to keep a very low profile, reportedly never wears a tie, enjoys dressing in blue jeans, and is extremely active in every aspect of his business—from design to production.

Amancio Ortega

You never know what styles will catch on…or do you? Mr. Ortega seriously worked hard and still does, to achieve his position as one of the world’s richest men. These are just to name a few who started things on their own, not only did they had strong determination but also a very strong Will power. Remember it’s better to try and fail, than not to try at all and above all Quitters never win, winners never quit.


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