Are There Good People in this World?



In today’s polarized world, we still come across good people who lend a helping hand to someone which in turn show us the way to do the same. So what makes them special? Is it money and fame? There are numerous celebrities and entrepreneurs who have charitable organizations of their own and many who donate huge sums of money. Then there are others who do a lot of charitable activities selflessly. Then there are those daredevils who risk their lives to save others. Seeing all this around us, many of us maybe thinking of ourselves to be dwarfs compared to these acts. Does it mean we do not possess the goodness which these people have? Not at all.

Each and every one of us has equal amount of goodness and compassion within us. We do not have to be magnanimous to show that. Just because one cannot invest a whole lot of money for doing something good does not mean that one cannot do something for others.

Doing something for other people does not always have to involve money. Money is just one of the measures for contributing to the society for the needy. Each one of us has got several opportunities to help someone in our lives.

One does not need money to do something for others.

Back in our school days, we may have helped our friends with their assignments, helped our parents in their household work on a daily basis, or simply helped some elderly people to cross the road, and the list goes on.

For how a simple act can be an act of goodness, just watch the following video which showcases some really kind gestures that random people have shown while travelling.

So does it take much to do something good? As you have seen in the above video, not at all. All it takes is just some amount of our time and the attitude to help someone. We may not even realize how much of a difference it could make for the other person.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

What about animals? Some of the most mistreated animals which I personally have come across in day-to-day life are stray dogs. One cannot even imagine the many inhuman acts which these innocent animals endure, most of the time without any fault of their own. The following video is in the loving memory of a stray dog named Ol boy which was found by a group in its dying stages. What they did is really commendable.

Stray dogs do not crave for material wants, fortune, or fame. All they want is our love and understanding. This holds good for other animals too.

Compassion is something we all inherit and possess within us and it just takes a spark to bring it out. So don’t wait for someone else to help when you see an elderly or a blind person struggling to cross the road. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Compassion is something which guides our path towards enlightenment and is also a guiding force in maintaining good human relationships, all of which ultimately contributes to the evolution of humanity. So let us today take a pledge to try and become a good human being, foster compassion within us on a daily basis, and create a world free of hatred and violence.


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