The Generation That Believes In Profits Over Progress, Value Over Virtue, Desire Over Love – Part III



You glorify one side and vilify another, where does that get us? Everyone has at some point of their life been the underdog, or rather the one who didn’t make it in the top ranks, what gives us the right to judge such people, first of all, people competing, are the ones who are far from finding and identifying themselves, they are herded together like a flock and forced to fight a battle which even they aren’t sure if it is their battle and if they want any part of it.

So how can you expect them to give their best? They are just kids standing there because a gun was put to their head when they were told to follow that path, instilled with the belief that, only this one path can lead to their survival in the future.

Such motivation, serves only one purpose, pushing one further away from realizing their destiny and being the victim of criticism in a race which they didn’t even choose for themselves, this is the current generation, rather the generation that wasn’t loved, wasn’t understood and was vilified for having failed at some task which served no real purpose in determining in any way whatsoever the type of future they would have.

Now with these norms, serving as life-defining goals, we have this generation that was subject to this system and believed in constantly proving themselves, inadvertently disparaging the other side. Then this generation grew up to be the modern day leaders. They continue to constantly compete and persistently defeat their counterparts, when the need of the hour is to work together, to create something beautiful, not for yourself but for everyone, a brighter future for the nation.

What We Are…
When we learn to see people for what they really are, that is when we would have won, that is when we would have truly become humans. For, what are we know? Just, plain, mindless savages, who have lost their sense of direction.

But then again, who am I to tell you what is wrong and what is right? You are to find that out for yourself, see the truth in this vast ocean of trivialities. I am just a ordinary member of an ‘evolved’ society of ‘humans’. That does not give me the authority to judge (or rather no position in the world gives anyone the authority to judge others), but it does fill me with a sense of dread, seeing what we have become, an image far too terrorizing, to not act.

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