The Generation That Believes In Profits Over Progress, Value Over Virtue, Desire Over Love – Part II



What You See Is What You Get – When we see, things like, success, achievements, we only see results, material manifestations, we miss out the core attributes that gave rise to them. So we chase what we see. There lies our folly. Humanity’s folly. This ends up defining our daily thoughts, actions, and beliefs. We jump without seeing, we speak without thinking.

We barely understand and know ourselves but we, soon learn how to judge others, how to criticize, how to blame and instead of how to understand, truly listen, care, and take responsibility for whatever happens around us, even if we may not be the reason behind it.

After all, that is what a leader is, isn’t it. One who brings people together, one who does not undermine his opposition, rather join forces to serve his people and followers? Do, we have such a leader, that will ensure our future, that will take us where we want to be, bridge the gap between the ideal image of ourselves and our current versions. I believe, before we get there, or rather, to get there, each of us, need to learn to lead ourselves, to follow the right path. If we know how to lead ourselves, then we become fit to choose (or rather give birth to) the right leader. But can we get out of this premeditated cycle, this rut.

The Rat Race of One-upmanship
We emphasize on this competition, constant “rat-race”, but that has separated us more than creating something good out of it. Be it a competition between students or the competition between political parties.

Imagine a world where a dancer, dances, a painter, paints, a writer, writes, a leader, leads, inspires and empowers, a follower, learns and follows. Now let’s interchange their positions and shuffle their roles. Something beautiful is turned into something untidy, unruly and unpolished. That’s what the current situation is, I feel.

That reminds me of the difference between weeding and evaluation.

Using one parameter to weed out good from bad. Weeding is selecting the best 3 out of 10 for a particular task and evaluation is understanding, providing, learning, and empowering each one of the 10, to find their own respective paths. But we are far from that, aren’t we.

Standardization works well on products & machines, things non-living. We generalize, we form one definition for all, in this we overlook our inherent differences, our strengths, our sharp edges, which are only blunted by such mechanisms of the rusted system. One side is glorified based on predefined facets and then naturally the rest of the group gets labeled as failures. As they say, talent isn’t born, but grown. So, who takes care of the rest of the group, nourishes and cultivates their abilities? Or do they accept themselves as being not-so-good and continue on with their lives.

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  • The pursuit of ignorance, Stuart Firestein 
  • A Kinder Gentler Philosophy of Success, Alain De Botton
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