The Generation That Believes In Profits Over Progress, Value Over Virtue, Desire Over Love – Part I



This time of the year, when everything is in full swing. The entire city seems to be getting restructured. Policies are being reformed, educational institutions are welcoming the new approaches to improve upon the schooling process, brightest young minds are being celebrated and glorified, a quick browse through your newspaper will give you all that. 

By People But Not For People
People are starting to vote, and talk about how we need more voters and why we need “educated voters”. Do we need educated voters or is it the other way around? What about the candidates? The only reason this vast percentage of young voters, I feel, were inactive, was because they were educated in the first place. Any informed mind would know, the futility of trying to drown a fish.

But, is that what we need? restructuring? reforms? improved systems? I think what we need to do first is, to realize and ask ourselves, when do we upgrade upon an existing system? It is when the existing mechanism is functioning correctly and efficiently when it accounts for every aspect of the system when it knows the central part of any system is the human involvement when it considers this humanness and ensures the sustenance and nourishment of every single being.

Building from the Start
In this case, to remove the parasite that causes this dysfunction in the ability of the system, what, I feel and truly believe, to be needed is, a total upheaval, a revolution of sorts. One that is backed by learning, knowing, understanding the fundamentals of life, and accounting for every little thing, realizing that mechanical processes are different from life processes, the former needs accuracy and data while the later needs understanding and nourishment.

And, essentially, these indispensable processes, such as, our upbringing, learning and beliefs is what translates into these creations and mechanisms around us, in the form of projects, infrastructures, institutions etc. We give rise to these objects which surround ourselves. We are the foundation the lies beneath these lifeless structures. There lies the hint. ‘We.’

Without tackling the ‘we’ we cannot solve anything else, this way all we end up fixing is the surface, the appearance, and not the functioning and the interacting parts. What about the root cause of it, our minds, our hearts, and our deep human nature which, even now, we are far from understanding? How long before we realize, what we truly are and what we need?

This, made me think, I read this piece in the newspaper, a bike robbery gig, a rather flourishing industry. So I asked myself

Why does a person resort to such ways, of robbery and fraud?

Isn’t it because he believes those possessions to be the solution to his problems? He forgets that he himself is the solution to his problems. No one taught him that money doesn’t build things, it is people who build them. If a person that resorts to such activities, was made aware of the essential forces that drive a human life, those of purpose, beliefs, goals, dreams, then he might not have a future which turns him into a thief, there could be a possibility where his future turns into something rather promising, one that makes him a responsible and a contributing citizen of the nation, that he would one day help others realize their dreams and instead of plundering ends up creating opportunities for others. But he learned from what he saw, and…

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