2013 in Science at Search Of Life, A Recap



Science has always been the remedy for explanation. It is what fuels our knowledge and prepares us for the future. It provides us with valuable information that promulgates our society through various forms of media.


Here is the year review, in Science:                                     2013, Search Of Life

Primordial Soup Still Lingers In Uncertainty

Alexander Oparin introduced this concept. It suggests that the life on earth was formed in ocean or pond as a result of reaction of energy-chemicals present in atmosphere then. Amino acid & protein are important elements for life; the reaction above might have happened 3.5 billion years ago…continue reading

Factors Which May Have Influenced The Origin Of Life
A vast number of geologists are striving to pinpoint the catalysts behind the origin of life on Earth. While many theories are proposed, their validity is being tested by biologists who are continually designing experiments to verify whether these facts fit with the idea of the evolution of life from nonliving chemicals…continue reading 

Life in Space – An Astrobiological Approach
The possibility of Life in space has been studied and researched by scientists all across the world. We know Earth as a living planet, a proper noun, a definite and individual place. Life happens here, and we as living things participate in it. When we compare it to space we are living on one planet among many…continue reading

Food – The Important Life Force
Environment is everything that makes up our surroundings and affects life. Though it is something that is external to us, it is as significant as what constitutes our internals.  Just as living and non living components are interdependent, so is our relationship to our surroundings. Our life’s nourishment and sustenance is dependent on the environment to the same extent as it is dependent on our counterparts…continue reading

Origin of the Universe
The Start…We all know of our planet, the Earth, the one which we live on. The solar system and the eight planets within our galaxy, the Milky Way, is also what we have known for a while. All this is just a small spec in the big picture. Milky Way is just one galaxy of the countless billions of unknown galaxies within our Universe…continue reading

Can Reel Life Affect Real Life?
We all love movies. They help us escape into a world totally different from ours and at times, give us a totally new perspective on our lives. Even though it’s a fictitious world, reel life is inspired by real life situations, though, most of the time. Even if we take Science Fiction movies, they are also based on some kind of scientific research or an imagination which may be possible in the near future…continue reading

Should We Trust Our Head or Heart?
Dualism, n. the existence of two forces exactly opposite to each other; e.g. good and evil, positive and negative or something simple, opposing interests. In a real world situation involving communication and transactions interests may not always be shared. Each entity may have its own intentions which may not be same as the other party’s…continue reading

Selective Perception A Major Stumbling Block For Science
There are several examples of studies the scientists have undertaken which ended up having unexpected results. In 1954, a study published by Princeton and Dartmouth researchers asked their students to watch a recording of a football game between the two schools and count infractions. The Princeton students reported twice as many violations against Princeton as Dartmouth students did…continue reading

Can Science Explain Luck?
Some may rely on the random occurrence of good fortune while others may use science to create their own fortune. When you throw a die, it falls down due to gravity, and that is well understood. But the outcome, one of the six numbered die faces, is often attributed to luck. That too is something which can be explained by simple science…continue reading

Cocoa Based Chocolates May Be The Next Brain Drug
It’s news chocolate lovers have been craving: raw cocoa may be packed with brain-boosting compounds. Researchers at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, with scientists from Mars, Inc., and their colleagues published findings last September that suggest cognitive function in the elderly is improved by ingesting high levels of natural compounds found in cocoa called flavanols…continue reading

Human Brain Finds A New Way To Express Itself
Complexity of human brain is deeply discussed in our articles. We all know that the temporal lobe is responsible for interpreting sounds and the language we hear. Damage to the temporal lobe can lead to problems with memory, speech perception, and language skills. Also there are times when we are unable to know about the brain when a person in a coma…continue reading

Humanity’s Extinction Due To Environmental Destruction
In the last post we have seen the grave situation our world faces in the future in the absence of forests and also the ill effects of environmental degradation. So the time is now to focus on measures which we can take in order to save our planet from extinction…continue reading

The Ocean Within Us
The most abundant molecule in the human body is water (H2O) which accounts for about two–thirds of the body’s weight. In other words, the body of someone who weighs 180 pounds consists of about 120 pounds of water and 60 pounds of other compounds. The body of a newborn infant is almost 80 percent water…continue reading

What Makes Up Our Body?
Science and medicine have progressed and developed to the point of gaining a thorough understanding of the composition and functions of the human body. This does not mean, however, that science is yet capable of clearly defining the nature of the human being or of life itself. There are some basic questions which we still ponder upon like…continue reading

The World’s Most Dangerous Animal
There has always been a belief that human life functions only in ways that are predictably human. In truth, however, people do not limit themselves to human-like behaviour. It is said that no animal is capable of greater cruelty than the human being. Most murderers are least acquainted with, if not a close friend or relative of the victim, and the same seems to be true in many “civilized” nations…continue reading

World Of Instinct And Impulse
Living according to instinct, animals only react to their immediate environment. They do not expend any effort towards achieving goals or dreams for the future. Indeed, they are incapable of having dreams. In other words, animals are spiritually equipped to live only for today. Of course, an animal’s behavior may change in accord with yearly or seasonal cycles…continue reading

Incurable Diseases of Society
The world we live in today has seen many dreaded disease which have claimed millions of lives throughout time. Science has coped with them and has also successfully even eradicated diseases like small pox. But can science and medicine cure all diseases? It is believed that “illness of the mind” is beyond the healing powers of skilled physicians…continue reading

Illnesses On The Rise Despite Of Advances In Medicine
With the remarkable advances in the field of medicine, the occurrence of communicable diseases and other infectious illnesses has been virtually cut in half over the last 20 or 30 years. On the reverse side of this, however is the striking fact that the number of people who are ill has actually increased…continue reading

Strong Life Force Is The Key To Recovery
When told that illness can be overcome through faith, some may feel this implies that doctors are unnecessary or that medical science can be discounted. But this is absolutely not so. When we become ill, it is natural to seek the diagnosis and treatment of a physician. However, the basis for overcoming illness lies ultimately in our own life force…continue reading

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