2013 in Philosophy at Search Of Life, A Recap



Time passes, sometimes without notice. It really is amazing how fast some moments fly by, while some have you neck deep in a sandpit of endless moments. But then again, as William J. Reilly would put it, time is indeed one great leveler. Everything requires time and that makes time the eternal ruler but a fair and scrupulous one, granting everyone the same amount of time, each day of their lives.

“No matter how much of the world’s goods you have managed to accumulate, you cannot successfully plead for a single moment more than the pauper receives without ever asking for it.” – William J. Reilly

Our lives are determined by this incessant and relentless flow of time. Days marked by calendars, each hour of the day embedded by events, big and small. In a morbid sort of way, we are shackled by these chains of time, yielding to the permanent time table laid out since time immemorial. Every part of our existence, incessantly being forced through the incessant flow of time. 2013 was another simple pattern in this planned eternal chain of events.

The Road traveled thus far:                                                                                                                                                           2013, SearchOfLife

Fundamental Questions About Life
We begin our blog with this intriguing question which has been on the mind of humans since the very beginning which is about the existence of life. What is Life? Many cultures, branches of science, various forms of literature, religious books, epics etc have all tried to answer the question ‘What is Life?’… continue reading

The World As We Are Made To See
Why do we try to find meaning in the things around us? Isn’t it our own lens through which we look at the world that defines our outlook? Yet why is there always disharmony lingering between us and the world around us?… continue reading

Understanding the Mechanism of Life
Input ———–> Process ———–> Output. Like any simple process, our life is a process. The caveat; the accomplishment of the desired outcome heavily depends on our mode of action, which is often, following the age-old rulebook and treating it like a process. The rigid conception of a process engraved in our mind results in bereaving it of its meaning…continue reading

Are We Prepared For The Future
We are the products not the consumers. We are grown like a crop in a farm’s annual produce where the focus is on whether it fits the market requirements and sells profitably but not on the health and nourishment of the crop…continue reading

Life, Career And Passion
We discussed in previous posts about life, its subjectivity in terms of individual and societal expectations and their contrasting effect that results in discord at an individual as well as at an institutional level…continue reading 

Humanity’s Struggle For The Future
Survival of the fittest was a preordained decree, but that was at a time when human evolution was still in its infancy. Then, the surrounding circumstances demanded a narrow spectrum of survival attributes for sustenance and a healthy future…continue reading

A Reason For Change
“Don’t let your bad side triumph over your good.” Pragmatic- We often talk about being practical, facing reality, but is that enough?. We abandon our hopes and dreams and accept the things the way they are blaming our inability to change them…continue reading

Human Resources and Systems
System, a word you must have heard often, be it talking about a particular corporate entity or a small household, a government setup or the economy as a whole, everything can be categorized as a system on different levels…continue reading

Money Matters and Global Crisis
I do not know why people believe money is going to solve everything. People are totally convinced that money is going to simplify difficult situations. In observation that is often true, when you have the opposite side believing the same thing as you..continue reading

Unity in Diversity is Not Enough
We evolved from one common species. A lineage shared by all. Evolution through various probable factors played an incremental role in enabling us to overcome all the hindering obstacles…continue reading

Mechanical and Natural Order of Things
Disorderly and haphazard flourishing of metro cities is what attracts outsiders but at the same time creates a feeling of repulsion in the people living in them. These are mostly the same people once remotely located…continue reading

Energy Sources Lying Inside Us
In our previous posts, we highlighted how the earth’s resources are strained to the extent of exhaustion, and we also looked at other energy alternatives, viz. solar and especially geothermal energy…continue reading

Writing And Creative Genius – Part I
What is creativity? Is it something that can be imbued through dedicated efforts? Is it something that occurs or passes through us when the time is right? Is it something that is extrapolated through the existing patterns?…continue reading

Writing And Creative Genius – Part II
This is a continuation of our previous post, ‘Writing And Creative Genius‘ in which we reflected upon the various aspects of creative genius, its source and the variability associated with it, along with the improbability of putting a leash on it…continue reading

Bipolarity Of Life 
Life from a bipolar perspective: This isn’t about the psychological disorder, though a semblance in terms of the multifaceted nature. Life’s twin sides may be looked at as a disorder or an interdependence, of good and evil, right and wrong or positive and negative…continue reading

What Disrupts The Balance Of Life
Life unlike a synchronous sine wave has variable and numerous phases with much larger deviations from the routine. Our body, though all flesh and bones, is composed of several vital disparate components, each with  its own function, interlinked but affected in a different way by external situations…continue reading

Information Technology And Generation Gap
Technology has taken us places. It has brought us this far. But where we stand now, the situation in which we have put ourselves is such that the reliance on our own creations has created an imbalance in our lives…continue reading

Waste for One is Life for Another
Perception is as strange as it is variable. This ability is formed or at times malformed by various aspects of ones life namely our experiences, teachings, beliefs, surroundings. This is what helps us identify, what is of value and what has no worth…continue reading

Our Journey at Search Of Life
At, Search of Life, we started our blog with the most fundamental question, “What is Life?”. This involved understanding life and its origin, life on our planet and in outer space (other planets, galaxies) and even the philosophical aspects regarding our purpose here on earth as the big picture, and also the micro view involving individual, social and cultural aspects of life…continue reading

Words Give Our Life Meaning So Don’t Take Away Theirs
We effortlessly pick up a lot of ideas and thoughts plainly because of their corniness and cockiness.  That is what attracts us, and that is what we reproduce elsewhere and every where we go, in the form of words. But, the thing about words is that they tend to lose meaning when used often…continue reading

The Journey of Life
You are just a conditioned, by-product of the system. Are you aware of that? Do you still remember what you were once, and are you cognizant of what you have become? Just to prove my point I will ask you this, and I will tell you before hand what your answer is going to be…continue reading

Environmental Destruction  and Ever-changing Planet
Our Creations have always been a timely blessing bestowed upon us by our minds. We create often for our benefit or others, something which is extremely useful, helpful or beneficial…continue reading

Reality Dreams And Hope
Some people might say, those are childish dreams and far from reality, but that ain’t true. Reality might be far from what you dream it to be. But reality is what you choose it to be…continue reading

What is Happiness?
In our last post we dissected one of the several misconceptions associated with our positive human emotion, happiness and how it is has been misconstrued by our society since time long past. In short, material things such as money, physical possessions have been wrongly looked at as the source of happiness…continue reading

A Recollection of Happiness
At Search Of Life, we have dived deep into the topic of happiness and the associated constructs. We will now have a recap of the various sources of happiness, the misinformed and malformed notions and beliefs associated with it…continue reading

Why Parents And Children Don’t Get Along?
“Let’s just agree to disagree shall we?” The standard defensive maneuver to end the usual heated arguments between a parent and his child. It is what one gets to hear from their parents not sometimes, but often…continue reading

Sources of Infinite Happiness
Happiness, success and winning are closely linked and heavily dependent on each other. That phrase itself is a life lesson hammered and ingrained in us since the beginning of time. This logic and the resulting process is the age old belief of our society making it what it is now, a life cycle which we wind ourselves in…continue reading

Living By Expectations
When you live by expectations you only do as expected which is at times but often way below what you are capable of and your potential can enable you to reach. Work becomes duty it doesn’t have the empowering essence of what otherwise would have been there if it was of your own volition…continue reading

Ignorance is the Root Cause of Self-Destruction
What is the major cause of death in our world? Is it a pandemic? Is it a disease? Is it a calamity? Or is it ignorance? Ignorance through and despite of self-awareness? Such ignorance stemming from our own existence severely blurs our sight, and maybe that’s what makes it the major cause of bad news…continue reading 

Selfish Desires And Better Future
This is a time when it is essential for everyone every person people to give up their selfish interests and work together towards a greater cause for a safe and sustainable future. But it is not easy to get there…continue reading 

Opinionated Talks And Hypocritical Beliefs
Are you one? Or are you all? Are you the same person at home as the one at work? Do your opinions change with discussions and beliefs change with people surrounding you? Do you believe in yourself? Do you have faith in your beliefs? Or do you change with time, waver with place, yield with companions and alter with circumstances?…continue reading 

A Walk Towards A Healthy Future
Human body is a construct of several parts, each different yet heavily interconnected and dependent on each other for proper functioning. Just like your car requires daily care and maintenance, so does your bodycontinue reading 

Who is the Real Stalker?
Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviours may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings…continue reading

A Flourishing Yet Flawed And Broken Society
Society n. A group of humans sharing relationships, common institutions, culture and interests. Such an entity thrives by being interconnected and flourishes through self-perpetuation. 
All these defining elements only come together to form a true society when they are not bound by the chains of dysfunction and insecuritycontinue reading

The Shiva Trilogy Part One
The Shiva Trilogy is a novel series by Amish Tripathi. The first book set the most robust foundation for an already popular and supreme God in the Hindu religion. Part fiction and part history, Amish’s envisioning of Shiva’s identity, his life’s important phases transition from a warrior to a widely worshiped deity, his impeccable spirit andcontinue reading

What makes Man the Worst Animal?
Man, is aptly known as the Animal, not in a positive evolutionary sense, but as a rather reckless and thoughtless individual, despite being the best beneficiary of evolution, with an exponentially well developed brain. Such, mental prowess, should enable man to stop relenting to the basal survival instinctcontinue reading

Humanity’s Real Disease : The Thinning Bonds of Understanding
The real threat is not what can be seen with your eyes. It is not any external occurrence that has ever been the reason for disturbance in the natural flow of events. We, as individuals, have always been a threat to ourselves and a cause for concern which resulted in a lot of problems that over time took form and made all of them seem like an external manifestation.continue reading

The Shiva Trilogy Part One – Worldview Analysis
When does good become evil? Is there nothing that is purely good? Is everything that exists, both good and evil? So does all good eventually become evil over a period of time? Does this mean, no real good exist in the world?...continue reading

The Shiva Trilogy Part Two
The Oath of the Vayuputras is a finale to the three part epic written by Amish. The part fiction-part history work, revolves around the rise of the Great Lord Shiva, from a warrior of a small mountain tribe to a deity revered by the entire Indian nation(Bharatvarsh), even now…continue reading

Gen Y’s Self-Obsession Recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary
Many have done it, and so we do it, like sheep being herded by our own devices. So what is all this madness about #selfie…It’s a trend that youngsters are following religiously, so popular is the trend that the word selfie has made it to the Oxford Dictionaries slot, where it explains: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website origin early 21st century, great…continue reading

The Shiva Trilogy Part Two – Worldview Analysis
What/Which is the good side? Anything that is apt, desirable, positive in nature, or more appropriately, morally right and virtuous. In practice, any human action or behavior that is in accordance with morality and thus is righteous. But, Good for Whom? That is  Ethical Dilemma. What is good for one, may not be good for anothercontinue reading

The Superstition Behind Friday And The Number 13
Triskaidekaphobia – Its a fear or phobia of number 13. And specially with Friday by its side its one of the most scariest combination for people. Since Jesus was crucified on the 6th day, which was a Friday, hence whenever the day collides with 13th it add ups to unluckiest day “Friday the 13th’’ according to the west…continue reading

The Shiva Trilogy Part Three
Time is a force that affects us all. It is an eternal story teller in its own way. The flow of time oversees things as they wither away from existence, events as they fade into memories, people as they turn to nothingness. Time governs the entire scheme of things, in which it determines the victor and loser, the good and bad,  the strong and the weak, the ruler and the followercontinue reading

Mind Says, Body Does – The Mind-Body Dissonance
Our body comprises of several parts, each equally distinct but essentially interdependent and interconnected. Mind says, body listens and does accordingly. Mind is the governing authority. It monitors, controls and instructs. Body is the physical entity which is held by the mind on a leash. In this master-slave manner, the mind is a construct that houses limitless potential, while the body with its limited capabilities, inhibits the desires of the mind…continue reading

The Shiva Trilogy Part Three – Worldview Analysis
In any system, for example a living environment or biosystem, there are disparate elements, living and nonliving. Each is a force in its own distinct way, be it animate or inanimate. These are the external forces that incite you as a being which is a interlinked part of the  to respond, which demand you to act in a specific manner. Such force/s maybe a person, a lifeless object, an event or some random occurrence…continue reading

The Wisdom of Youth
Age is no specific sign of maturity, nor experience, nor wisdom. It is just a reflection of what you have done with yourself, how much you have used/misused your embodiment, your body and mind. It shows what you have learned, what you have seen, things you have experienced, the way you matured, how you absorbed learnings...continue reading

Life is too short to Work
As we have learnt it, there is a huge distinction between work and play. It is a common belief- the former is something which you do when you grow up and the latter is something that is done when you are still young. This notion has permeated our society to such an extent that people treat work as a totally different concept, which is not to be mixed with whatever they enjoy doing...continue reading

How To Not Disconnect While Connecting With People
When we talk about connecting with people, it basically means exchanging information or more simply, sharing things. But it isn’t as plain and simple. It isn’t machines exchanging data but people, and with that comes feelings, emotions, circumstances, relations, biases and worst of all judgement...continue reading

Confidence Without Intellect Is Arrogance, A Sign of Ignorance
There is a huge gap between what you think you are and what you really are. Everyone has an idealistic image of themselves which they aspire to become and manifest one day. This is a slow process, requiring diligence, patience, virtue, understanding of oneself as well as others. The biggest challenge is to break the predominant patterns and rigid process laid out by society, the assemblage that has given up on themselves...continue reading

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