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Oldest Trees in the World

These trees are thousands of years old.  Read more

Oldest Trees in the World

Windowless Planes - The Future of Air Travel

An Exciting Concept that Shows Loads of Promises Read more

Windowless Planes - The Future of Air Travel

Is Artificial Intelligence a Future Threat to Mankind?

Will Robots Take Over Humanity in the Future? Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence a Future Threat to Mankind?

Mount Fuji - The Sacred Shrine of Japan

The highest mountain in Japan was born from fire and may perish in the same way Read more

Mount Fuji - The Sacred Shrine of Japan

10 Most Interesting Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Facts About one of the Greatest Mysteries of the World  Read more

10 Most Interesting Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Taj Mahal - A Symbol of Love

Learn More About this Gleaming Beauty of Marble. Read more

Taj Mahal - A Symbol of Love

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January 9, 201516 days ago

On how to Travel..

I recently came across a post on Instagram. With a picturesque background the caption prompted, Where do you travel? Are you a tourists or part of the land? And I thought to myself, do you really need to cross borders, nations and cultures to experience the real essence of travelling? Can you not be in one place and still do the same? Through presence and awareness, by consciously taking in your surroundings. This may be difficult for the constantly swarming city dwellers like me who have housed their entire lifestyle around these elements. These environments – parks, sidewalks, skywalks, roads- become so common and repetitive that we forget to really take in and experience those surroundings. Continue reading “On how to Travel..” »

January 8, 201516 days ago

How to Live Like Water

Water is life as life revolves around water, the element that sustains it. Just as our home planet more than half of our bodies are made up of water. Not only is it all around us but also inside of us. And not only has it been a source of life but also a source on the way of life as seen through the observations of great people of the past and present. Below are the various perspectives on water, how they are linked together and how they can help us not only survive but thrive.  Continue reading “How to Live Like Water” »

January 5, 201519 days ago

The Discovery of the Habit Fork

Each action you take daily is a choice you make between two or more options. You either go for a run in the morning, or use that time to squeeze in some more sleep, crunch on artificial sugary products or choose healthy alternatives like fruits, start up a new project or take up a new hobby you have been planning or delay it further by doing something that’s irrelevant to your goals but is ‘oh so fun’ and has you hooked to it. Continue reading “The Discovery of the Habit Fork” »

January 1, 201523 days ago

Mobile Apps for a Better Planet

With the gigantic shift of communication media towards portable devices, mobile applications have seen a tremendous growth in the last 5 years or so. It is predicted that by 2017, approximately 5 billion people will be using mobile phones. We have covered a few apps in the past which had features that would help in understanding and improving human health. We are staring today at a rapid deterioration of our planet which has been accelerated to the growing pollution levels affecting our entire ecosystem. Continue reading “Mobile Apps for a Better Planet” »

Earth Insights - A Technological Feat for the Conservation of Species

Our depleting planet can have rays of hope when advanced technological systems like HP’s Earth Insights gain momentum. Various species are being endangered all around the world due to several reasons which include deforestation, climatic changes, and man’s desire for animal skin. Conservation International (CI) is the team of scientists and other co-interest people, whose mission is to protect biodiversity, monitors the health of plant species in tropical forests. HP partnered with CI to create “Earth Insights”. Continue reading “Earth Insights – A Technological Feat for the Conservation of Species” »

Rise of the Sun Prince - Shubha Vilas

Ramayana is a lot many things. Apart from being a part of the Hindu civilization’s past it is also considered as a literary epic. Originally attributed to sage Valmiki, over the number of centuries, Ramayana has received various modifications through additions and revisions. Because of this there have been several adaptations of the original story based on the region and the populace in which the story has promulgated. Despite of all this, the main story is widely considered as the work of a single author-Valmiki, who is considered as the First Poet, being the first one to invent the concept of verse (shloka) in Sanskrit literature. Continue reading “Rise of the Sun Prince – Shubha Vilas” »

India Was One - An Indian

India Was One is a romantic tale blended with some serious drama, revolving around the lives of two friends- a Mumbai-born teenager Jai and his first and only college love Kaahi. As grand as the book title sounds, so is it’s scope. The story encapsulates everything from love, friendship, patriotism, culture, relationships, sacrifices, tragedies, and several other transformative experiences of people as well as entire groups and nations, or specifically, in this case, a nation. Continue reading “India Was One – An Indian” »

Is it Possible to Print Ourselves with DNA Laser Printing?

I felt like a science fiction coming true while on our journey – ‘Search of Life’, when I stumbled upon the news that a San Francisco-based startup “Cambrian Genomics” is creating the world’s first DNA laser printer. And not to my surprise, I then went through the bold words of Austen Heinz, CEO of “Cambrian Genomics” – “We print life. Life is very simple, it’s just code. Four letters — we print that.” Continue reading “Is it Possible to Print Ourselves with DNA Laser Printing?” »

Can Superhuman Powers be Achieved Through Meta Genes?

Superhumans are creatively portrayed in many movies and comic series which makes us ponder whether such species could exist in the future. It would truly be a defining moment in science if something so powerful could be created. With nanotechnology, genetics and psycho pharmacology such feats don’t seem to be too far in the future. Could the meta gene play a role in creating that genetic modification which could give a new direction to genetic science? Continue reading “Can Superhuman Powers be Achieved Through Meta Genes?” »

November 15, 20142 months ago

Top 10 Most Devastating Hurricanes in US History

Hurricanes are formed by the combinations of warm and cold air with their main source of energy being water vapor. US is one of those countries which is affected most by hurricanes. Place like Texas, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi have suitable conditions for hurricane breeding. They form a region which is famously called as the Hurricane Alley. Here are the top 10 devastating hurricanes in US history. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Devastating Hurricanes in US History” »

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