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DNA Secret

Was our DNA Modified during evolution?  Read more

DNA Secret

First Source of Water

Scientists still try to identify the first source of the most important element of our survival : Water. Read more

First Source of Water

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Like any simple process, our life is a process. Read more

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Underwater Mysteries

Little headway has been made in discovering the mysterious underwater world of our planet. Read more

Underwater Mysteries

Are We Prepared For The Future

Is the world around us not our concern? Read more

Are We Prepared For The Future

Life in Outer Space

Scientists have found living tissue exists in outer space. Is it too early to face this reality? Read more

Life in Outer Space

Latest News

The Twisted History of Alchemy

Does Alchemy hold the secret to creating gold and the elixir of life? If alchemy did have the techniques to create the ultimate elixir of life, or some magical potion which could keep us young forever, or even create gold and silver, would modern science still dismiss these alchemy techniques? In ancient times when herbs were used as medicines, there were some who used to create potions and were considered to be alchemists. It is interesting that certain basic techniques, terminology, experimental methods and even theories which the ancient alchemists developed are still in use today. Continue reading “The Twisted History of Alchemy” »

The Secret Treasures of Oak Island

The secret treasures of Oak Island have baffled treasure hunters and scientists since ages. Recently, a group of modern treasure hunters tried to excavate the area and found a Spanish coin from the 16th century which is older than the original discovery which took place in the 17th century. The hunt was aired on History Channel in its television programme ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’  Continue reading “The Secret Treasures of Oak Island” »

August 31, 20142 days ago

The Curse of King Tutankhamun

Egyptian mummies for centuries have fascinated us and each of them has a story to tell. The most important discovery in mummies is considered to be that of Tutankhamun, the Egypt king of the 18th dynasty. The Tomb of Tutankhamun since its discovery has become world famous for its rare artifacts and gold jewelry found inside along with the kings mummified body. The burial mask of Tutankhamun is one of the world’s rarest artifacts and now is stored in the Cairo’s Museum. But is there more to the glamour and fame which co-exists along with the legacy of the Pharaohs? Continue reading “The Curse of King Tutankhamun” »

August 30, 20143 days ago

The Concept of Reincarnation - Life After Death Phenomenon

The concept of reincarnation has been widely mentioned in various religions. In Hindu religion, Lord Vishnu is believed to have taken ten reincarnations to save the world from evil. It is famously called as Dashavatar or ten avatars of Vishnu. Buddhism explains reincarnation as a stream of consciousness which links life with life. Growing interest among people residing in various parts of the world about this interesting phenomenon has given rise to a lot of discussions in the scientific community. So is there life after death? Continue reading “The Concept of Reincarnation – Life After Death Phenomenon” »

August 29, 20144 days ago

The Ouija Board - More Than Just a Game

This is not for the weak-hearted. Board games are one of the favorite pass times among young and adults. Games like scrabble,chess and Monopoly can be found in every home. But the adventurous seek more. Ouija Board or Spirit Board is supposed to bridge the gap between the real world and the mysterious spirit world. But does it really work? Continue reading “The Ouija Board – More Than Just a Game” »

August 28, 20145 days ago

Can Premonitions Help in Saving Lives?

In many movies, premonition is shown in a dramatic way and most of them convey that we cannot escape a particular event, but just delay it. But in reality, if premonitions can really save lives, it would be like a boon to defeat the inevitable. However, there needs to be a proper scientific explanation to this mysterious sense of human mind. The scientific community does not accept this type of extra sensory perception. This feeling is a much stronger phenomenon than just merely imagining that every time one travels in a plane, the plane would crash. Let us look at some famous premonitions that have been recorded in the past. Continue reading “Can Premonitions Help in Saving Lives?” »

August 27, 20146 days ago

The Famous Marian Apparitions of Lourdes

Just like the apparitions witnessed by the children of Fatima, here comes another sublime revelation of a child who saw similar apparitions at her tender age. Instead of the nightmarish prophecies of apocalyptic events seen by three children of Fatima, Bernadette saw something much peaceful, comparatively, which in turn would help thousands recover from illnesses. Continue reading “The Famous Marian Apparitions of Lourdes” »

August 26, 20147 days ago

Near Death Experiences - The White Light Phenomenon

In our journey of life, we encounter several experiences and at the end of it even death shall be an experience. Death, which is an inevitable event in everybody’s life, gives a few second chances. There are some who have come back to life, if not from the dead but from the jaws of death. We know them as near death experiences.

Continue reading “Near Death Experiences – The White Light Phenomenon” »

August 25, 20148 days ago

Ark of the Covenant - The Supremely Holy Chest

No single item is involved in more legends of treasure, unexplained wealth and international intrigue than the Ark of the Covenant. Mentioned in the Book of Exodus, the Ark of the Covenant is supposed to hold the original Tablet of Stone on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed. Continue reading “Ark of the Covenant – The Supremely Holy Chest” »

August 24, 20149 days ago

The Legacy of the Knights Templar

Historically, knights have been associated with the royal and the noble. A great act of chivalry is what is always talked about when it comes to knighthood. Knights in Europe, were considered as mounted warriors. Linked with British honor, the title of knight was considered as purely honorific and usually bestowed by the Monarch. A group of French knights who were supposed to be wealthy and powerful formed a military order what is famously known as the Knights Templar. Continue reading “The Legacy of the Knights Templar” »

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