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Oldest Trees in the World

These trees are thousands of years old.  Read more

Oldest Trees in the World

Windowless Planes - The Future of Air Travel

An Exciting Concept that Shows Loads of Promises Read more

Windowless Planes - The Future of Air Travel

Is Artificial Intelligence a Future Threat to Mankind?

Will Robots Take Over Humanity in the Future? Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence a Future Threat to Mankind?

Mount Fuji - The Sacred Shrine of Japan

The highest mountain in Japan was born from fire and may perish in the same way Read more

Mount Fuji - The Sacred Shrine of Japan

10 Most Interesting Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Facts About one of the Greatest Mysteries of the World  Read more

10 Most Interesting Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Taj Mahal - A Symbol of Love

Learn More About this Gleaming Beauty of Marble. Read more

Taj Mahal - A Symbol of Love

Latest News

Life Blog #WB1 - Day Review & Tips for Blogging & Productivity

This is a review of my previous day. So I will be recapping how the day went and simultaneously I will try to pin point how it turned out to be so uniquely productive. If you can relate to it then you can share some of your ideas on how you get things done or you can consider this post as a way to glean in some insights and use them through your day.  Continue reading “Life Blog #WB1 – Day Review & Tips for Blogging & Productivity” »

October 4, 20154 days ago

Mumbai City Fights Air Pollution with IIT Bombay's Cyclothon at Powai

There couldn’t have been a better cyclothon conducted in the city till date. The lush greenery, the long winding, smooth and evenly paved roads, and especially the zero wastefulness in terms of snacks/water bottles (as no snacks/water was distributed, which prevented unnecessary waste production, by totally avoiding the use of plastics, boxes, or any other hazardous materials), not only made it a pleasant and rejuvenating experience but also an environmentally friendly event, in practice (and not just advertising). Continue reading “Mumbai City Fights Air Pollution with IIT Bombay’s Cyclothon at Powai” »

August 15, 20151 month ago

What Are We Actually

Your internal lies with you. And what happens around you and how you react to it is often not you. Because the external voices, actions, behaviors belong to the people who speak act and behave in such a manner. But we learn from imitation, so we absorb these behaviors and make them our own. Continue reading “What Are We Actually” »

July 12, 20152 months ago

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Just like in movies each character has their own backstory, in real world every person has their own story. These stories are a blend of various experiences, both good and bad, which the person has lived through and has been shaped by. These past experiences can have a strong grip on many of us as they can potentially continue to affect us by influencing our actions even in the present. Continue reading “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” »

March 23, 20156 months ago


Three factors seem to be necessary for self worth; valuing yourself unwaveringly, choosing to share your space and energy in your everyday interpersonal relationships with people who genuinely value you, and making choices that propel your personal growth combined with behavior that is in alignment with believing yourself to be of value. Continue reading “WHAT GIVES US VALUE” »

March 8, 20157 months ago

The Truth of Our Impermanence | A Prayer for 2015

Sometimes in life we are gripped by worry, a sense of helplessness, powerlessness. It is a natural human reaction to the temporary nature of our life here. It is when we truly feel the inevitability of non-permanence. Continue reading “The Truth of Our Impermanence | A Prayer for 2015” »

February 28, 20157 months ago

The Invisible Shields of Van Allen Radiation Belts

Star Trek and many others movies portray space as a realm which has limitless boundaries. We may be insignificant specks in the grand design of this world, but we’re still able to touch the beauty of our galaxy through such movies. Outside our Earth’s atmosphere lie many secrets which are yet to be revealed. Some may be life savers which may have been shielding us from unknown radiations. One such remarkable discovery came to light recently. The University of Colorado Boulder team has discovered an invisible shield situated about 7200 miles above Earth that blocks “killer electrons” (these whip around the planet at near-light speed & known to threaten astronauts, fry satellites and degrade space systems during intense solar storms. Something quite similar to the force fields shown in sci-fi movies like Star Trek. Continue reading “The Invisible Shields of Van Allen Radiation Belts” »

January 28, 20158 months ago

Satin Bound with a Wooden Clasp | The Book of Comfort

The Book of Comfort – The Perfect Daily Companion is a square 16x16cm hardbound velvety and cushy inspirational guide book. This is one of those very rare well designed books (both from outside and inside – the text, the styling and layout, the illustrations etcetera) all of which makes it stand out among a pile of hundred other books. It has a satin bound cover with an elastic clasp that keeps the book locked up close. Continue reading “Satin Bound with a Wooden Clasp | The Book of Comfort” »

January 9, 20159 months ago

On how to Travel..

I recently came across a post on Instagram. With a picturesque background the caption prompted, Where do you travel? Are you a tourists or part of the land? And I thought to myself, do you really need to cross borders, nations and cultures to experience the real essence of travelling? Can you not be in one place and still do the same? Through presence and awareness, by consciously taking in your surroundings. This may be difficult for the constantly swarming city dwellers like me who have housed their entire lifestyle around these elements. These environments – parks, sidewalks, skywalks, roads- become so common and repetitive that we forget to really take in and experience those surroundings. Continue reading “On how to Travel..” »

January 8, 20159 months ago

How to Live Like Water

Water is life as life revolves around water, the element that sustains it. Just as our home planet more than half of our bodies are made up of water. Not only is it all around us but also inside of us. And not only has it been a source of life but also a source on the way of life as seen through the observations of great people of the past and present. Below are the various perspectives on water, how they are linked together and how they can help us not only survive but thrive.  Continue reading “How to Live Like Water” »

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