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DNA Secret

Was our DNA Modified during evolution?  Read more

DNA Secret

First Source of Water

Scientists still try to identify the first source of the most important element of our survival : Water. Read more

First Source of Water

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Like any simple process, our life is a process. Read more

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Underwater Mysteries

Little headway has been made in discovering the mysterious underwater world of our planet. Read more

Underwater Mysteries

Are We Prepared For The Future

Is the world around us not our concern? Read more

Are We Prepared For The Future

Life in Outer Space

Scientists have found living tissue exists in outer space. Is it too early to face this reality? Read more

Life in Outer Space

Latest News
July 28, 20141 day ago

Streams of Human Consciousness

On any given day, millions of conversations reverberate through New York City. All these conversations are matched in number and complexity by much more elusive discourses. Even when speaking with others—and especially when alone—we continually talk to ourselves in our heads. Psychologists have attempted to capture what they call self-talk or inner speech in the moment, asking people to stop what they are doing and write down their thoughts at random times. Others have relied on surveys or diaries. Continue reading “Streams of Human Consciousness” »

July 27, 20141 day ago

Future of the Sun - Should We Be Worried?

What keeps us alive? A star? A collection of stars? OR An eclectic mixture of celestial objects interacting together harmoniously? Our planet, the Earth and it’s neighborhood is essentially run by the Sun. It may sound poetic but that yellow glowing ball in the sky is essentially the basis of our solar system. Through a universal view the Sun may just be an ordinary star, but a closer view indicates its importance, as it bathes the solar system with light and heat, making life possible on Earth. The ultraviolet light of the Sun has certain antiseptic properties and is also a strong source of Vitamin D. The Sun is as regular as clockwork, and it sets our daily life cycles in conjunction with Earth’s spin. Little wonder ancient peoples revered the Sun as a god. Yet the Sun will not always be steady and reliable. Continue reading “Future of the Sun – Should We Be Worried?” »

July 26, 20142 days ago

The Enigmatic Stone Circle at Castlerigg

The beauty and the romance which encircles the surroundings of the Castlerigg stone circle is known to many. If Stonehenge is the most famous stone circle in Britain, the Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick in the Lake District, must be the most atmospheric. It is considered as one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain. Continue reading “The Enigmatic Stone Circle at Castlerigg” »

July 25, 20143 days ago

Supernova - The Great Gig in the Sky

Supernovas are the result of massive emissions of cosmic rays which have the capacity of radiating the same amount of energy that the sun would emit in its life span. Just as people do, stars have a finite life. Born in dusty gas clouds of a galaxy’s spiral arms, stars fuse hydrogen into heavier elements during their energy-producing lifetimes. Continue reading “Supernova – The Great Gig in the Sky” »

July 24, 20144 days ago

10 Most Interesting Facts About The Bermuda Triangle

Of all the mysteries which are the most talked about, Bermuda Triangle can rightly be right on top of the list. Some believe that something mystic engulfs the Bermuda Triangle. This is one of those mysteries which can be a strong contender to be crowned as the Jewel of all the unsolved mysteries. But could it be just another manufactured mystery? Continue reading “10 Most Interesting Facts About The Bermuda Triangle” »

July 23, 20145 days ago

Do Multiverses Really Exist?

Movies like Another Earth which depict an identical Earth having the same inhabitants leading different lives may seem too far-fetched, but in science there is a room for all kinds of probabilities. Multiple universes or multiverses are surely an area which have kept the scientists guessing. For as long as humans have gazed skyward, a question has loomed in the back of our collective mind: How do we know everything that we see is everything there is? Continue reading “Do Multiverses Really Exist?” »

July 22, 20146 days ago

The Mystical Path of Ley Lines

The term ‘Ley Line’ was invented by Alfred Watkins, a British businessman. In 1921 he was looking for interesting features in a regional map when he noticed that many ancient and sacred sites could be placed on a straight line running through the countryside. Some of the prominent ones include the Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Everest, the Stone Henge and even Nazca Lines.  Continue reading “The Mystical Path of Ley Lines” »

July 21, 20147 days ago

Origin of the Rings of Saturn and the Mystery Behind It

Bearing the resemblance of a vinyl record, the rings of Saturn make this planet undoubtedly the most gracious of all planets of our solar system. A glance through a small telescope at the planet Saturn is often the experience that turns people on to astronomy. Simply walking outside, setting up a little scope, and enjoying a spectacular view of a distant planet, colorful and beautiful, surrounded by razor-sharp rings, is deeply satisfying. Continue reading “Origin of the Rings of Saturn and the Mystery Behind It” »

July 20, 20148 days ago

Hessdalen Lights - The Most Mysterious of All Earth Lights

Throughout history, people have noted strange lighting phenomena emanating from remote areas of natural land. ‘Will-o’-the-wisps’ are well known occurrences featuring small flames that spark from marsh and woodland. Ball lightning is a curious form of meteorological phenomenon where air pressure causes an electrical charge in the form of a ball. Earthquake lights are another unusual kind of lights which usually occur in the event of a volcanic eruption or seismic stress.  But the most fascinating natural lights are even more bizarre like the Hessdalen Lights. Continue reading “Hessdalen Lights – The Most Mysterious of All Earth Lights” »

July 19, 20149 days ago

What Makes Venus the Hottest Planet of Our Solar System?

Referred to as the Morning Star or Evening Star by many ancient cultures, Venus is the second planet from the Sun. Named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, it is the brightest natural object one can see from Earth, after the Moon. It is also one of the four terrestrial planets of our Solar System, the others being Earth, Mercury and Mars. Inspite of all these qualities, it is far from being habitable. Let us see what makes this planet so hostile to life. Continue reading “What Makes Venus the Hottest Planet of Our Solar System?” »

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