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DNA Secret

Was our DNA Modified during evolution?  Read more

DNA Secret

First Source of Water

Scientists still try to identify the first source of the most important element of our survival : Water. Read more

First Source of Water

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Like any simple process, our life is a process. Read more

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Underwater Mysteries

Little headway has been made in discovering the mysterious underwater world of our planet. Read more

Underwater Mysteries

Are We Prepared For The Future

Is the world around us not our concern? Read more

Are We Prepared For The Future

Life in Outer Space

Scientists have found living tissue exists in outer space. Is it too early to face this reality? Read more

Life in Outer Space

Latest News
September 19, 201411 hours ago

Secrets of Acne Prevention

Imagine you are all excited about that prom or a birthday bash and you get up in the morning to see a bright red glowing spot on your cheeks. All of us at some point of time have experienced those irritating pimples also called as acne especially during our teenage years. Even though acne is a common skin disease, its effects can be quite detrimental as they sometimes result in social, self-esteem issues. Main effects of acne are psychological and thus in extreme cases even lead to depression and suicides. So let us see some of the ways by which you can prevent getting acne by having a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “Secrets of Acne Prevention” »

Having Hair Loss? Here's How to Maximize Hair Health

Hair loss which are unexplained and excessive are often seen as a sign of worry.  Many have experienced the horror when they see a bald patch at the back of their heads, or the strands of hair stuck in the comb. Hair loss problems are quite common especially when we grow older. There is nothing wrong in embracing baldness, many accept it and some have even made it a style statement. Females, however face challenges as baldness is less socially acceptable in many parts of the world. Continue reading “Having Hair Loss? Here’s How to Maximize Hair Health” »

Top 5 Essentials for Having Stronger and Healthy Bones in Humans

Bones form an important part of our body without which we would be living like a vegetable. With various shapes and sizes these valuable 206 bones support and protect the various organs of our body. But as we age, bones also age with time and it is important to have healthy bones which would help us lead a healthy life even in our old age. Below are the top 5 essentials which will help us have stronger and healthy bones. Continue reading “Top 5 Essentials for Having Stronger and Healthy Bones in Humans” »

Top Ten Facts About Water

Water as we all know is an essential component of not only our planet but of our body as well. This vital fluid is required by all forms of life in some way or the other. Yet there are certain facts about water which you may not have heard or even If you have, never paid heed to them. So here are the top 10 water facts that we should be aware of. Continue reading “Top Ten Facts About Water” »

Top Ten Nutrition Myths

The concept of nutrition is centuries old and certainly when a particular concept is that old, over a period of time it is but natural that there will be certain facts which were believed to be true, but with the advancement in medical science today they have been proven to be myths. In his book Nutrition for a Longer Life, Robert Crayhon enlightens us with a comprehensive guide to certain findings in optimal nutrition. Let us have a look at some of the nutrition myths. Continue reading “Top Ten Nutrition Myths” »

Food Cravings - Ten Ways of Controlling Them

Oscar Wilde once quoted “I can resist anything except temptation.” This particular quote seems quite apt when it comes to food cravings, irrespective of it being cooked food or raw food. Food cravings are observed in both young and the aged. That irresistible desire of eating mouthwatering dishes, or the cravings for eating chocolates are something which may look tempting, but when it comes to health, they should be avoided. So today let us look at some ways of controlling food cravings. Continue reading “Food Cravings – Ten Ways of Controlling Them” »

History of Nutrition - Food for Thought

Staying healthy has become one of the most vital challenges mankind faces today. The fast food culture has grown ten folds leading to a population who wants to grab something just to fill their stomachs and thus ignoring the nutritional value of such food products. Unhealthy food coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is one of the perfect recipes for many chronic diseases. Even though medical science has also grown at a rapid pace, at end of the day, it is the right balance of food and nutrition which would make the difference for a healthy life or a life continuously affected by diseases. Continue reading “History of Nutrition – Food for Thought” »

Our Sun is Not Alone

The star performer which always takes the center stage in our solar system is the Sun. So what if the sun had a twin brother? Well, scientists have found one which even though is light years away from us, it shares the same properties like that of the Sun. Astronomers have always known that the Sun isn’t an only child. Now they may have tracked down one of its siblings. The Sun was born nearly five billion years ago in a giant cloud of interstellar gas and dust. Over time, gravity pulled this material together until the temperature rose enough for stars to ignite. Continue reading “Our Sun is Not Alone” »

Life in a Bottle - The Miller–Urey Experiment

It is still unclear as to what were the exact environmental conditions which led to the origin of life on Earth. Today we shall look at one of the experiments which attempted to create such conditions. Chemists tell a joke among themselves, when nobody else is around. Life is impossible, they say: we’ve put simple chemical ingredients in water, we’ve added energy in the form of heat or electricity, and all we ever get is an organic sludge. We never see replicating molecules. We never make a cell. Continue reading “Life in a Bottle – The Miller–Urey Experiment” »

Exoplanets - The Hunt for the New Worlds Is On

With rapid developments in the fields of astronomy, the existence of exoplanets has become a reality now. As of September 2014, more than 1800 exoplanets have been discovered. NASA’s Kepler Mission continues to find more such habitable planets and it is just a matter of time when our search of extraterrestrial life will soon reap benefits. Continue reading “Exoplanets – The Hunt for the New Worlds Is On” »

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