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DNA Secret

Was our DNA Modified during evolution?  Read more

DNA Secret

First Source of Water

Scientists still try to identify the first source of the most important element of our survival : Water. Read more

First Source of Water

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Like any simple process, our life is a process. Read more

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Underwater Mysteries

Little headway has been made in discovering the mysterious underwater world of our planet. Read more

Underwater Mysteries

Are We Prepared For The Future

Is the world around us not our concern? Read more

Are We Prepared For The Future

Life in Outer Space

Scientists have found living tissue exists in outer space. Is it too early to face this reality? Read more

Life in Outer Space

Latest News
August 20, 201422 hours ago

The Science Behind Auras and Kirlian Photography

The concept of Auras have been successfully used in many movies as well as RPG games like World of Warcraft and Dragon Age. It is quite intriguing how human imagination is used in virtual world. Do these things actually exist? Both Auras and Kirlian Photography have been the subject of mainstream scientific research for a while now. Let us find out. Continue reading “The Science Behind Auras and Kirlian Photography” »

Dead Sea Scrolls - The Rarest of All Ancient Texts

Many of the ancient manuscripts undergo deterioration over a period of time and very few places have a particular climate which can help in the preservation of these priceless scripts of knowledge. One of those areas is near the Dead Sea. The northern shore of the Dead Sea is a particularly dry, arid place. It is 13 miles from Jerusalem, and even though the area is often shrouded in haze, the humidity levels are extremely low: it is the perfect place to preserve ancient artefacts. A total of 981 ancient texts have been found near the area of Dead Sea giving them the name the Dead Sea Scrolls. Continue reading “Dead Sea Scrolls – The Rarest of All Ancient Texts” »

August 18, 20142 days ago

Noah's Ark - The Vessel of Regenesis

As extensive urbanization has resulted in harming the Mother Nature, sooner or later we will have to bear the consequences. The water levels rise each year and an alarming threat looms on the coastal areas of the globe all the time. Historically, apocalyptic events have happened in the past and they will happen again. One such event is associated with the Great Flood in which the entire planet was submerged under water and a man called Noah made it through along with countless species of birds and animals with the help of an Ark which he created. Continue reading “Noah’s Ark – The Vessel of Regenesis” »

August 17, 20143 days ago

Dowsing Technique - One of the Oldest Psychic Powers

Ever wondered if you had the power to find a hidden treasure in your backyard? Well, there exists a technique which could help you do so. The origins of the dowsing technique go back to Germany in the 15th century, when the quest of metals was in full swing. Many may call this ancient technique as an activity related to chance, but there are many who believe that there is something special going on. Continue reading “Dowsing Technique – One of the Oldest Psychic Powers” »

August 16, 20144 days ago

The Children of Fatima and their Apocalyptic Visions

The chilling events of the apocalyptic visions which were witnessed by the three children of Fatima have gained a lot of fame, especially after the Roman Catholic Church officially declared these event as ‘worthy of belief’. Even though the three prophecies have been revealed, some believe that there is still more to come as the third prophecy hasn’t come in light completely.  Continue reading “The Children of Fatima and their Apocalyptic Visions” »

August 15, 20145 days ago

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden - A Man-Made Green Planet

In our previous posts we have covered some beautiful locations like the Vale of Kashmir which has some of the best gardens in the world. Amidst the busy streets of Bengaluru in Karnataka state, India a vast space is occupied by greenery. One can hear the rustling of leaves, and the temperature within this perimeter would easily be 2-3 degrees lower as than the other regions of the city. Hailed as the IT hub of India, Bengaluru is rightly called the Garden City of India, thanks to the magnificent Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. Continue reading “Lal Bagh Botanical Garden – A Man-Made Green Planet” »

August 14, 20146 days ago

The Shroud of Turin - The Most Famous Religious Relic in the World

The Shroud of Turin is undoubtedly one of the most studied and controversial objects in human history. The Turin cloth has withstood the test of time since centuries and has been the subject of debate among researchers, historians and scientists. Even though carbon dating techniques have revealed that the Turin Shroud belonged to the Medieval Period, many still believe that it is the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, thus making the Shroud of Turin probably the most famous religious relic in the world. The cloth measures thirteen-and-a- half feet long by four-and-a-half feet wide, and clearly depicts the body of a bearded man, said to be Jesus Christ. Continue reading “The Shroud of Turin – The Most Famous Religious Relic in the World” »

August 13, 20147 days ago

Can the Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis Explain The Great Flood?

During the rainy season, several regions of a country face the nature’s fury and battle for their lives and homes in the midst of floods. Floods have been associated not only with the sudden rise of the water levels due to the release of water from dams, but also as act of Gods as many believed them to be. In ancient biblical records, there is the mention of The Great Flood. Today we take a look at the Black Sea deluge hypothesis proposed by William Ryan and Walter Pitman which is the most talked about theory in recent times regarding the Great Flood. Continue reading “Can the Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis Explain The Great Flood?” »

August 12, 20148 days ago

The World of Galaxy Clusters

Milky Way is the galaxy which houses the solar system in which we reside. This pale blue dot called Earth inhabits billions of people. But just by thinking that there could be many more galaxies makes Earth’s inhabitants all the more miniscule. Let us enter the world of galaxy clusters which contain hundreds to thousands of galaxies bound together by gravity. Continue reading “The World of Galaxy Clusters” »

August 11, 20149 days ago

The Veil of Veronica - Which One is Real?

Mysteries related to religious significance are often quite delicate and one should be very careful in analyzing them and giving any verdict. The Veil of Veronica is another such relic marred with controversies. Not only due to the challenges on finding its authenticity but because there seem to be  different images in existence which claim to be the original veil, it becomes one of the most intriguing of all relics. 2 Veils, one which is held by the Vatican and the other which was revealed in 1999 by Heinrich Pfeiffer hold the key to the truth. Continue reading “The Veil of Veronica – Which One is Real?” »

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