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Oldest Trees in the World

These trees are thousands of years old.  Read more

Oldest Trees in the World

Windowless Planes - The Future of Air Travel

An Exciting Concept that Shows Loads of Promises Read more

Windowless Planes - The Future of Air Travel

Is Artificial Intelligence a Future Threat to Mankind?

Will Robots Take Over Humanity in the Future? Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence a Future Threat to Mankind?

Mount Fuji - The Sacred Shrine of Japan

The highest mountain in Japan was born from fire and may perish in the same way Read more

Mount Fuji - The Sacred Shrine of Japan

10 Most Interesting Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Facts About one of the Greatest Mysteries of the World  Read more

10 Most Interesting Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Taj Mahal - A Symbol of Love

Learn More About this Gleaming Beauty of Marble. Read more

Taj Mahal - A Symbol of Love

Latest News

Is it Possible to Print Ourselves with DNA Laser Printing?

I felt like a science fiction coming true while on our journey – ‘Search of Life’, when I stumbled upon the news that a San Francisco-based startup “Cambrian Genomics” is creating the world’s first DNA laser printer. And not to my surprise, I then went through the bold words of Austen Heinz, CEO of “Cambrian Genomics” – “We print life. Life is very simple, it’s just code. Four letters — we print that.” Continue reading “Is it Possible to Print Ourselves with DNA Laser Printing?” »

Can Superhuman Powers be Achieved Through Meta Genes?

Superhumans are creatively portrayed in many movies and comic series which makes us ponder whether such species could exist in the future. It would truly be a defining moment in science if something so powerful could be created. With nanotechnology, genetics and psycho pharmacology such feats don’t seem to be too far in the future. Could the meta gene play a role in creating that genetic modification which could give a new direction to genetic science? Continue reading “Can Superhuman Powers be Achieved Through Meta Genes?” »

Top 10 Most Devastating Hurricanes in US History

Hurricanes are formed by the combinations of warm and cold air with their main source of energy being water vapor. US is one of those countries which is affected most by hurricanes. Place like Texas, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi have suitable conditions for hurricane breeding. They form a region which is famously called as the Hurricane Alley. Here are the top 10 devastating hurricanes in US history. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Devastating Hurricanes in US History” »

The Mangalyaan Success - When India Kissed Mars

India recently created space history when their Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) famously known as Mangalyaan entered the Martian orbit in its maiden attempt. After a 298-day transit, the orbiter was successfully inserted into Mars orbit on 24th September 2014. The mission costed merely $64 million and was put together in just 15 months. The Mars Orbiter’s on-orbit mission life is approximately 6 to 10 months. The mission itself was a unique feat achieved by the young people at Indian space Research Organization (ISRO). The brilliant minds devised a way of sending Mangalyaan successfully to the Mars Orbit in a much cheaper way. The following video explains the innovative method which has made India an exciting destination for space research. India is innovating. Continue reading “The Mangalyaan Success – When India Kissed Mars” »

The Endangered Polar Regions Captured on Camera

The icebergs at the Polar Regions have a story to tell. A story which points us towards a grave truth about the increasing dangers of climate change. The picturesque beauty of the stranded icebergs, glaciers, and the ice shelf are truly mesmerizing. Here we take a glimpse of the stunning icebergs and glaciers through Camille Seaman’s camera whose book Melting Away showcases her 10 year long journey through the endangered Polar Regions. The book releases on 2nd December, 2014. Continue reading “The Endangered Polar Regions Captured on Camera” »

Rosetta Mission Success - Philae Lands on Comet

We can proudly say today that we have made science fiction a science fact. Rosetta’s Philae spacecraft successfully landed on a comet named 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. A decade long project called Rosetta Mission undertaken by the European Space Agency (ESA) has achieved what we have seen only in movies like Armageddon. After two recent successful Martian projects (MOM and MAVEN), this is surely a remarkable feat of astronomical proportions. This is a first in space exploration which could help us to unlock the mysteries behind the origin of life. Below are some highlights of the Rosetta Mission up to the landing separation. Continue reading “Rosetta Mission Success – Philae Lands on Comet” »

Birth of a Planet Captured by Alma Telescope

We live on planet Earth, a pale blue dot in this limitless universe where countless planets exist and many more are born. Geoscience is still in the process of understanding how our planet may have come together along with the formation of the solar system. The concept of planetary formation is known as Nebular Hypothesis. According to this model, the star formations are composed of massive and dense clouds of molecular hydrogen. Being gravitationally unstable in nature, smaller stars are formed from dense lumps which rotate and collapse and in some cases these stars become planets. Yet it is still unclear about the exact process of planetary formations. Continue reading “Birth of a Planet Captured by Alma Telescope” »

A Rare Genetic Mutation that Can Stop You From Sweating

Many people especially the ones who are thin may have noticed that they do not sweat as much as compared to the ones who have more fat. Sweating or perspiration can be a social deterrent due to its odour. Yet, clinically sweating is a healthy sign as it removes the toxic elements from our bodies which otherwise would stay inside us resulting in various complications. Continue reading “A Rare Genetic Mutation that Can Stop You From Sweating” »

November 8, 20141 month ago

Red Sea Discovery of Egyptian Army Brings Biblical Exodus to Life

Underwater archaeology over the years have brought about some amazing discoveries which date right back to our evolution. Both the freshwater as well as the oceans still hold many historical secrets which have just begun to emerge.  A new discovery by the archaeologists beneath the Red Sea has revealed the remnants of a vast Egyptian army that dates back to 14th Century BC. According to the Egypt’s Antiquity Ministry, this exciting discovery was made at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez, merely 1.5 kilometers away from the city of Ras Gharib. Continue reading “Red Sea Discovery of Egyptian Army Brings Biblical Exodus to Life” »

November 7, 20141 month ago

Colored Solar Panels - A More Vibrant Future

The future of solar looks even brighter with a new innovation that will offer a variety of color options for solar panels. A Swiss company named Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) have devised a new technique which will enable consumers to choose from different colors. Solar energy has a lot of potential as an alternative source to the existing methods of energy which are dependent on the combustion of fossil fuels. The increase in global temperatures has been noted by various scientists and research centres who have raised the alarm levels to proportions which really needs to be attended by the leaders of nations. Continue reading “Colored Solar Panels – A More Vibrant Future” »

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