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Indian Literature Festival - LITOMANIA

A flashback of Mumbai's Literary Festival Read more

Indian Literature Festival - LITOMANIA

First Source of Water

Scientists still try to identify the first source of the most important element of our survival : Water. Read more

First Source of Water

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Like any simple process, our life is a process. Read more

Understanding the Mechanism of Life

Underwater Mysteries

Little headway has been made in discovering the mysterious underwater world of our planet. Read more

Underwater Mysteries

Are We Prepared For The Future

Is the world around us not our concern? Read more

Are We Prepared For The Future

Life in Outer Space

Scientists have found living tissue exists in outer space. Is it too early to face this reality? Read more

Life in Outer Space

Latest News
October 24, 20148 hours ago

Indonesian Cave Art Showcases Oldest Hand Stencil

Art has always exhibited the legacy of mankind. There may have been several factors as to what was the reason for the evolution of art. Like in modern times today, various events which may have captured the attention of our ancestors must have been encouraging for them to leave a mark on the caves. A new discovery in the caves of Indonesia suggest what is believed to have been the oldest hand stencil yet discovered. Continue reading “Indonesian Cave Art Showcases Oldest Hand Stencil” »

Tristan da Cunha - An Island with the Most Remote Community on Earth

Man has been able to successfully adapt to the harshest of locations on our planet. There are many inaccessible islands on Earth which inhabit a scanty population which thrives in spite of the remoteness of the island. One such place is the island of Tristan da Cunha which earns its reputation as having the most remote community on Earth. It is one of the few inaccessible islands which has about 80 families in total. Continue reading “Tristan da Cunha – An Island with the Most Remote Community on Earth” »

New Stonehenge Revelations Indicate Existence of More Monuments

Sometimes discoveries do not require advanced machines or technological tools, instead they can be made by sharp human observations. Recent revelations of Stonehenge compliment this fact very well. Stonehenge history is filled with theories that have been proposed by various archaeologists and historians which make it one of the most interesting prehistoric monuments we have come across. Continue reading “New Stonehenge Revelations Indicate Existence of More Monuments” »

Iceland Worm Monster Declared as a Reality

Mythical creatures especially lake monsters have known to have existed only in Fairy Tales and legendary tales of the past. Well, America has the Big Foot, Nepal has the Abominable Snowman and apparently Iceland has a Giant Worm Monster called lagarfljót worm. Iceland’s most famous lake monster is declared a reality by Icelandic government investigation. An Icelandic government investigation has ruled that Lagarfljótsormur, the country’s most celebrated legendary sea serpent, actually exists. The Lagarfljótsormur or ‘LagarfljótWorm’ is purported to live in Lagarfljót, a freshwater, glacial-fed lake in Egilsstaðir, eastern Iceland. Continue reading “Iceland Worm Monster Declared as a Reality” »

Were Humans Responsible for Neanderthal Extinction?

The phrase – ‘Survival of the Fittest’ as coined by Herbert Spencer probably fits well to this article. Human evolution has seen the transition of various scientific disciplines. The quest for dominance by humans may have led them to vanquish their weaker kinds. Here is an article published in Science Illustrated by Anthony Fordham which gives us some insights about what may have happened to the Neanderthals and in the conflict of Neanderthals vs homosapiens, how the latter became the dominant species. Continue reading “Were Humans Responsible for Neanderthal Extinction?” »

Tracing the Real Source of Ultraluminous X-rays

Discovered first in the Einstein’s laboratory, the detection of ultraluminous X-rays have greatly progressed over the years by observatories like XMM-Newton and Chandra. The nature of ultraluminous X-ray astronomical sources has long been unclear. The latest observations of these rare systems provide some crucial clues, but still leave theorists scratching their heads. Continue reading “Tracing the Real Source of Ultraluminous X-rays” »

The Malaria Project - A Valiant Attempt to Cure Malaria Permanently

Malaria is one of the oldest disease known to mankind with its origins dating back to some 50,000 to 100,000 years. The African nations, who are struggling from the deadly Ebola virus even today also have one of the worst mortality rates when it comes to Malaria disease. Malaria vaccines over the years have also undergone changes as the virus tends to become immune to the older vaccine after a few years. There was a courageous attempt made by the US government way back during the Second World War to eradicate malaria permanently by finding a cure. Let us look at this very interesting operation which has been revealed recently in a book called The Malaria Project by Karen Masterson. Continue reading “The Malaria Project – A Valiant Attempt to Cure Malaria Permanently” »

Blue LED - A Rare Practical Invention Makes it to the Nobel

The Blue LED inventors may not have fathomed that their invention would earn them the highly coveted Nobel Prize. On October 7th 2014, Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura, the inventors of the Blue LED were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. The potential of this revolutionary LED technology is immense and it could do a world of good to the growing demand of energy consumption all over the world.  Let us see why the Blue LED is worth the Nobel. Continue reading “Blue LED – A Rare Practical Invention Makes it to the Nobel” »

Cosmic Rays Could be the Main Source of Water on Moon

There is a strong evidence that water exists on the moon, even if not in its liquid form. In the future NASA even has plans to carry out mining operations on the moon. So where does the water come from? Recent studies indicate that the cosmic rays from the Sun could be one of the main reasons why there is water on the moon. Let us find out more about this new discovery. Continue reading “Cosmic Rays Could be the Main Source of Water on Moon” »

Nowhere to Hide - The Future of Surveillance Systems

Technology has advanced to an extent that we have the world at the tip of our fingers. But what we do forget is that as we are watching the world, someone somewhere in the world could be watching our activities which we do online as well as offline. Scary isn’t it? Surveillance cameras or what we commonly call as CCTV’s are the in thing when it comes to security at malls, home surveillance systems, offices and even on the roads. There are even crime fighting surveillance planes that have been introduced sparking a huge privacy controversy. An article published in the October Issue of New Scientist sheds light on this. Continue reading “Nowhere to Hide – The Future of Surveillance Systems” »

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